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How To Prepare Your Home For Wet Weather With Megasealed

With a third La Nina phase set to emerge this summer, Australia’s tropical season is expected to be even wetter. With this wet weather comes a variety of problems that can affect your home. From leaking showers, cracked tiles, mould growth and more, the rain can cause severe damage if your home is not properly prepared. Fortunately, Megasealed has decades of experience in leak repairs and waterproofing to ensure that your bathrooms and balconies stay protected.

Leaking Shower & Balcony Repair

If you suspect that there is a leak occurring in your shower or balcony, it’s best to repair them as soon as possible. Ignoring the water leak can lead to further problems down the road.

Leaving a leaking shower may result in:

  • Wasted water & increased bills
  • Annoying noises which can cause distractions and prevent sleep
  • Hazardous conditions such as slippery tiles and mould
  • Structural damage to wooden supports such as rotting

Leaving a leaking balcony may result in:

  • Water seepage into external walls
  • Risk of damage to the electrical system which can lead to short-circuits and shocks
  • Structural damage and collapse.

We train all of our Megasealed technicians to identify the source of the problem and provide you with the right solution. Our non-intrusive repairs of leaking showers usually involve membrane repair as well as grout replacement and sealing. If needed, we may even perform tile replacements or tile-over-tile services. Moreover, our balcony repairs are similar, with liquid membrane repair followed by grout replacement using reliable epoxy-based solutions. Once again, we also offer tile-over-tile services with sealing.

Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

In Australia, there are certain requirements that must be followed when it comes to waterproofing your bathroom. For instance, shower walls must be waterproofed up to a certain height and if your bathroom is not on the ground level, the entire floor must be waterproofed.

Bathroom waterproofing has several benefits including:

  • Protecting the tiles, grout and fittings
  • Preventing mould growth
  • Prevent leaks from appearing inside and outside the room.

By waterproofing the entire room rather than just the necessary wet areas, you’ll also be able to keep a space that looks good for longer. Less moisture build-up means you’ll also need less time to clean up any dirt or water stains that accumulate over time.

Megasealed offers professional solutions to ensure that your bathroom remains leak-free. Our technicians will inject our award-winning liquid membrane repair product, Megabloc. After this, we’ll also reseal the tiles with epoxy-based solutions for further protection.

Keeping Your Home Rainproof

There are several reasons why you should ensure that your home is protected from wet weather. Constant rain and moisture can lead to various problems ranging from visual such as mould growth to more serious dangers such as structural damage to wooden posts. That’s why we recommend repairing leaks as soon as possible and completely waterproofing your bathrooms and balconies.

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