leak detection

Why leak detection is important?

Posted on 2020-07-14

Water leaks can lead to a lot of problems and wasting it is just one of them. You might think that there are no leaks in your house, but they are not always that easy to spot. Sometimes they occur internally so they are invisible to the naked eye.  

There are a lot of reasons why detecting water leaks is extremely important:

  1. It’s expensive – We all pay for water and if it is leaking instead of being used than your money is being wasted. Another downside is that if you are not aware of the leak and a lot of time goes by then you might have to pay a lot to get it fixed. Don’t pay for the cost of delay, stay on top of leaks and catch them before they become a problem.
  • It’s unhealthy – We use water for a lot of things right from cleaning to drinking. If pipes at your property are leaking, then the probability of contamination is high. Look for early signs of leakage including: discolored grout, smelly carpets, damp patches of paint, loose tiles and mould behind the shower, in order to stay ahead of the leak. Furthermore, why put your health at risk when you can eliminate that possibility with our free leak/moisture assessment, where we provide you with a report on problem areas and a no obligation free quote should it be needed.

  • It’s irresponsible – When there is a leak there is an increased chance of injury. By using our revolutionary thermal imaging technology, we can detect moisture intrusions without intrusive and expensive tile removal procedures. Megasealed also tracks its results so you and your family can enjoy your home’s balcony and bathroom with the peace of mind only thermal imaging can provide.

  • Its damaging – Water leakage can lead to excess moisture, wood rot, growth of mould, attract bacteria, and cause the paint on the walls to chip off. Something as simple as a leaking pipe can cause the very foundations of your property and surrounding properties to be compromised.

Don’t take water leaks lightly, one leak can cause a lot of damage! It’s important to call a professional ASAP before a small problem turns into a big one. Visit our website to find out more information at https://www.megasealed.com.au/