Megasealed Antislip solutions for the bathroom tiles


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Safety is important to everyone, and anti-slip tile coatings and non-slip tiles with Megagrip are one way to make showers, floors, pathways, balconies, entrance ways, foyers, and other areas slip-resistant. Anti-slip products and treatments are great for the elderly and families with children and are also used in many commercial environments such as aged care facilities, retirement homes, gyms, pools, hotels, commercial kitchens and child care facilities. Architects, builders, and property owners have a legal obligation to provide safe anti-slip pedestrian surfaces for all residential and commercial buildings.

Megasealed’s anti-slip product, Megagrip™, comes in three variations which can be applied on porcelain and ceramic tile, natural stone such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, terrazzo, and most other surfaces that need to be made less slippery.

Megasealed has three anti-slip solutions, all CSIRO tested, available:

1. Chemical Etchant (CSIRO Medium Anti-Slip rating)

Etches the tiles to leave a satin finish to the surface, reducing the likelihood of slipping

2. Megagrip™ Standard (CSIRO High Anti-Slip rating)

Used for renovations or new construction of smooth floors, especially in wet areas.

3. Megagrip™ Heavy Duty (CSIRO Very High Anti-Slip rating)
Steps and ramps will become more slip-resistant, yet still remain attractive.


  • Easily installed with minimal disruption
  • Low maintenance, long term solution, cost effective and reliable
  • Area can be used within 24-48 hours
  • Carries a 5 year product warranty
  • Proven to reduce slip risks and meets WH&S requirements for workplace floors
  • Safe for all industries and public access areas