After spending years working in the bathroom renovation industry, Megasealed Founder and Managing Director Jacques Courtin, was disappointed by the ineffectiveness of industry sealants in dampening the main causes of leaking showers. Determined to break a culture of patchwork repairs and expensive bathroom renovations, Courtin set out to develop a cost effective, time efficient, and guaranteed solution for the repair of leaking showers and balconies.

Megasealed was first developed in 1988, channeling Courtin’s knowledge and expertise into a product that could not only fix the issue at hand but improve the overall appearance of showers and bathrooms. Not satisfied with just any product, the next eight years were spent refining the Megasealed Epoxy Solution to ensure its suitability to the Australian market and conditions.

With a revolutionary product at hand, Megasealed Bathrooms and Balconies was launched in 1996 and provided the first specialised bathroom and balcony stop-leak service of its kind. Megasealed’s pioneering products and services quickly took off, with the business expanding nationwide after only six months.


Determined to ensure the business remained more than just another commercial identity, Megasealed opened its first franchise store in 2014. With a constant emphasis on connecting specialised leak-repair services to local communities, Megasealed has gone from strength to strength and continued to expand its franchise network ever since.

Today, Megasealed’s focus remains on development and innovation, providing guaranteed solutions for the repair of leaking showers and balconies across Australia. Performing over 20,000 services per year to most state capital cities and territories as well as most major towns within Australia, Megasealed provides professional services to home and business owners, Strata, Bodies Corporate and Facility Managers, Real Estate Agents and Property Managers, Aged Care and Retirement Facilities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Builders, Plumbers and Government Departments.

Megasealed are proud members of key bodies including the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW), Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Plumbers Association. Megasealed is also the only national company in the industry to be recognised by SAI Global with ISO 9001 certification.

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