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Megasealed are specialists in all aspects of Waterproofing, Leak Repair & Anti-Slip Solutions in Australia. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

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Are you a strata manager, real estate agent, builder or plumber interested in the non-destructive repair of commercial showers?

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Our Operation

With over 27 years of reliable services across the country, Megasealed have pioneered the non-destructive leak repair industry. Now operating in over 125 locations across Australia.

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Our success

Our success can be attributed to the fact we continually improve and adapt our techniques to stay up to date with best practices and suit the needs of the customer. We also employ, train and retain the best technicians available.

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ISO Accredited

We are ISO accredited, meaning our sealing system is quality assured and upholds industry standards. We pride ourselves on consistent and quality assured workmanship.

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Quick and Cost-effective

Megasealed services can be completed in as little as 3-4 hours for standard showers, leaving them in brand new condition, ready for use the next day and for a fraction of the cost of a total renovation or traditional repair service.


megasealed leak detect

1. Leak Check

The first step to waterproofing is using non-invasive thermal imaging technology to conduct a comprehensive leak check. This allows us to accurately pinpoint the source of the leak and diagnose the issue.

megasealed degrout

2. Degrout

Megasealed technicians will perform a wall-to-wall degrout, removing grout with a precision grout-saw.

megasealed membrane watreproofing

3. Membrane Repair

Our award-winning liquid membrane repair, Megabloc, is then injected underneath the floor tiles to repair the existing waterproof membrane (at participating franchises only). 

megasealed reegrout

4. Regrout

Our Megagrout MG14 is then reapplied paying particular attention to problem areas such as perimeter joints and wall and floor junctions.  (All Megasealed sealants are resistant to mould and are available in a variety of colours to suit any commercial bathroom.)

megasealed sealing

5. Reseal Shower Walls

An impenetrable tile sealer is then applied to the walls of the shower.

These solutions can be altered to suit your commercial bathroom’s specific needs. These bespoke solutions ensure you only pay for the services you require.

These leak repair services aren’t just limited to bathrooms, we also service large-scale balconies, kitchens, foyers and gyms. The perfect service, trusted by strata managers all over Australia.