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Things To Know About Bathroom Waterproofing

Faulty waterproofing is one of the most common building defects in Australia, causing as much structural damage as termites if left unresolved. Here is a rundown of what waterproofing is, why it’s necessary and why you should leave it to the experts.

What is waterproofing?

Unlike water resistance, which only slows down the movement of liquid, waterproofing doesn’t allow moisture to pass through at all. Applying a membrane onto the floors or wall prevents moisture from escaping wet areas and into the rest of your home. These areas of concern most commonly include bathrooms, laundries and the kitchen.

Why is bathroom waterproofing necessary?

Not maintaining the membrane or having waterproofing will result in:

  • Mould and mildew – leading to health problems if uncleaned.
  • Warping and rotting of structural timbers – this weakens the entire house’s integrity and raises the chances of collapse.
  • Corrosion of plumbing inside walls – which requires expert water leak detection and further repair costs.

Ensure that your home has proper bathroom waterproofing to:

  • Stop leaks and damage to the building’s structure.
  • Prevent dampness and mould under tiles.
  • Provide insulation and keep warmth inside during the colder months.

Australian waterproofing regulations

Regulations vary across Australia, but generally, waterproofing needs follow the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Australian Standards (AS 3740-1994), which stipulate that:

  • You must waterproof shower floors while walls must be waterproofed up to a height of 1,800 mm.
  • Bathroom walls must be waterproofed up to a height of 150 mm
  • The step down from the shower to the floor must be waterproofed to a height of at least 100 mm.
  • If the bathroom is not on the ground floor, you must waterproof the entire bathroom floor.
  • If the bathroom floor contains any wood, the entire bathroom floor must be waterproofed.

Who should waterproof your bathroom?

In some states of Australia, only licensed tradespeople such as builders, tiling or the waterproofing experts at Megasealed can carry out the procedures. These specialists must prove that their waterproofing service upholds the highest standards and complies with quality guidelines.

Avoid waterproofing by yourself as this requires careful consideration. Making a mistake in the process will only serve to increase bathroom waterproofing costs due to needing potential repairs in the future.

Contact the technicians at Megasealed, who have years of experience on how to waterproof a shower and bathroom so you can have peace of mind in the future.

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