Leaking balcony repairs

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Repair and renew your leaking balcony without removing tiles!

Without proper inspection and repair, leaking balconies are a serious safety hazard with costly consequences. Thankfully, Megasealed offers an affordable, durable solution to property owners across Australia. Industry leaders since 1995, we complete thousands of leaking balcony repairs every year! Our solutions help prevent the spread of harmful water damage, supporting your balcony’s structural integrity and, more importantly, your safety. All Megasealed products are resistant to mould and wear, and available in a range of colours to enhance your balcony’s aesthetic.

Spot the signs of a leaking balcony

A leaking balcony brings long-term structural issues, expensive damage and safety risks if left untreated. Call an expert to arrange balcony waterproofing repair the moment you notice a warning sign.

Cracked Grout

Cracked or Missing Grout

Cracked Tiles

In Grout Joints


A Powdery Deposit that Discolours External Surfaces

Drummy/Loose Tiles

Loose Sitting Tiles

Wet Carpet/Flooring

To Paint, Plaster or Timber

Poor Draining/Fall

Water Pooling Due to Inappropriate Fall

Bubbling Paint

Peeling, Flaking or Bubbling Paint


On the Ceiling Below Your Balcony

Why is your balcony leaking?

1. Wet weather conditions

Continuously being exposed to Australia’s harsh weather, your balcony is highly susceptible to water seepage. To avoid leaking, it needs proper drainage and as much protection from the elements as possible.

2. Natural building movement

Every building expands and contracts as it settles and reacts to the weather. This movement can crack tiles and grout lines. Once rainwater seeps into these gaps, it creates a breeding ground for mould that weakens the structure even more.

As seen on Space Invaders

With years of experience and expertise in waterproofing and leak repairs, the Megasealed team was able to quickly identify the source of the leak and provide a long-lasting solution to fit the family’s needs, while also providing peace of mind and saving you time and money. Don’t let a leaking balcony go unresolved any longer.

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Take a look at some Mega results

Balcony before renovation


Balcony - With primer

Balcony tiles removed and primed

Balcony - With waterproof membrane

Balcony waterproofed

Waterproofing completed for the balcony

Retiled and completed

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

Our standard Megasealed service is quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective than a tiles remove solution.

Industry leaders for over 27 years

One of the first in the business to fix leaks and renew wet areas without removing tiles, we’re proud pioneers of this revolutionary process.

Exclusive, premium products

Depending on the most suitable solution for your situation, our Technicians will use our own unique and exclusive products to ensure the highest quality results.

Nation-wide service, local support

We service almost every state, with family-run franchises delivering affordable solutions to local communities across the country.


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*May not be applicable to your wet area. Our specialists will conduct a thorough inspection before making their recommendations. At Megasealed, we’ve got the experience and expertise to ensure your space gets the right solution.