reasons to repair a leaking shower

5 Reasons Why You Should Repair a Leaking Shower

A leaking shower in your bathroom may not seem like a big problem, because quite often, the water is easily contained to one area, so it won’t be a major inconvenience at first. However, continuing to ignore the problem can cause further issues down the road. Below are some of our top reasons why one should prioritise leaking shower repair:

1. Leaks have a huge impact on the environment

This results in 3 litres of water wasted every day. Eventually, this can add up to over 1000 litres every year! This has severe consequences for the environment, particularly during drought season. In Australia, where certain areas experience drought frequently, it’s important to save whatever water we have.

2. Your water bills will continue to increase

Every time water continues to leak out of your shower, you could be paying more for your water bills than you should be. That 1000 litres of dripping water per year, combined with the other water usage in your home leads to a large increase in your bill. For peace of mind, shower waterproofing is a preventative measure against future leaking.

3. Leaks are annoying!

The sound of a continually leaking shower can be very distracting, especially if you’re trying to sleep or study. Long term health issues beyond sleep deprivation such as anxiety can even develop if left long enough. It can also be extremely annoying if the leak turns out to be coming from behind the wall. With professional leak detection services, however, these disruptions can easily be resolved.

4. Leaks may create hazardous conditions

Leaking water can eventually cause slippery surfaces and a risk of falls. This is particularly dangerous for the elderly and those with physical disabilities. Moreover, the mould build-up from the increased moisture can potentially be toxic, resulting in people becoming sick.

5. They cause structural problems.

Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause your bathroom walls to lose structural integrity, especially for the drywall that is at risk of rotting. This can lead to an increased chance of pest invasions such as termites which damage the framing.

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All these reasons are why one should prioritise finding the cause of a leaking shower, especially if the source is related to leaking behind the wall.  

So, if you’re seeing the early signs of a leak in your shower, be sure to call Megasealed’s professionals in repairing leaking showers. Our team of specialists is primed to quickly and efficiently repair your leaking showers with long-lasting solutions. Contact us today for a free, personalised quote, so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your bathroom.

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