repair slate floor

Repair slate floor

Posted on 2018-11-30

If your slate is looking forlorn, don’t give up on it! Repairing your slate floor can add new life to older tiles, and bring back the stone’s natural colour and beauty.

There’s no one single type of slate, as this stone is sourced from regions as disperse as India, the United States, Africa, Spain and China. As a result, the colour, absorbency rate and strength of slate can differ widely, and how easily slate flooring becomes stained, scratched, faded or damaged by chemicals, dirt and other contaminants.

Repairing slate means that stains and scratches can be reduced or even removed completely, and by re-polishing the stone, the natural colours are rejuvenated once more. Along with scratch and stain removal, slate floors can then be sealed to protect it against further damage. Sealing your slate also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Because slate is naturally attracted to dirt particles, the sealant acts as a barrier between the two, as well as repelling liquids, which can cause staining, and protect against harsh chemicals.

Repairing your slate floor should also come with advice on future maintenance. Some companies will provide you with a comprehensive how-to guide and range of products for maintaining your repaired slate flooring, which will not only make cleaning easier, but also extend the life of your slate floors.

Slate is a wonderful natural stone for the home, and with the right care, it can last you a lifetime. So if you’ve been thinking about replacing your damaged or stained slate floors, try repairing them instead. It will not only bring your slate floors back to life, it will also save you a bundle.