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How long will my Megasealed service take?

A standard Megasealed shower service can take between 2.5 – 4 hours, and your shower can be used the next day. A Megasealed balcony service can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week, depending on the size of the balcony, the degree of damage and the scope of work to be completed.

How much noise, mess or disruptions will there be?

There will be minimal noise and mess. To protect your property Megasealed technicians use drop sheets and vacuum any mess before leaving. Disruption is minimal and your shower can be used the next day.

Can I choose the colour?

Yes, you can choose from a selection of colours depending on the product.

Megasealed is available colours include White, Cream, Beige, Cement off White, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Cement Grey, Black and Brown.

You can also chose from a selection of Megagrout MG14 colours, available in White, Cement Off White, Cream, Beige, Dark Beige, Light Grey, Light Grey, Mid Grey and Black.

Can I request a certain time or day?

Absolutely. We will always endeavour to have a Franchisee or Technician come to your home at a time convenient for you. Appointments start from 7.30am on weekdays.

Can I get the leak repaired on a Saturday?

In most cases yes but this will depend on the availability of a Technician in your area. Please check Saturday availability when booking in the repair.

How much will it cost?

The size and scope of repair for every shower or balcony is different. You will need to contact your local Franchisee who will arrange an appointment to personally inspect your property and provide you with a no obligation free quote.

Security – Are Franchisees and Technicians police checked?

Yes. Any Franchisee or Technician whose job involves entering a private property is police checked.

Is it a permanent solution?

Megasealed is a long lasting and extremely strong sealant that completely fills the gap between the floor and the wall. Megasealed Gold is an extremely flexible sealant that accommodates structural movement around the treated area.

Is there a warranty?

Yes please refer to full warranty. Statutory building warranties apply in each state based on state legislation.

Why Megasealed Australia?

  • Tiles need not be removed (in majority of cases)
  • The shower can be used the next day
  • Minimal noise, dust, smell or mess
  • Injection of our award winning liquid waterproofing membrane repair on all services where retiling isn’t necessary.
  • Standard shower service time 2.5-4 hours. Most services are completed on the same day.
  • Megasealed products are anti-fungal, water and grease resistant making cleaning easier. The viscosity of the seal prevents dirt/mould build-up.
  • Adjoining areas are not affected or inconvenienced
  • You can select from a range of product colours
  • Professional service at all times (from your first enquiry to the specialised application by our technicians)
  • All work is carried out by our fully trained technicians
  • Quality control program ensures ongoing customer satisfaction and excellence of service
  • Reputable and licensed company since 1996 (tiling and waterproofing)
  • Quality Endorsed Company by SAI Global (5 ticks ISO9001 certification)

How slip resistant are the anti-slip treatments?

To ensure we are providing our customers with only the best anti-slip products we sent them to the CSIRO for the below four tests and the results were outstanding.

Will my shower or balcony be easier to clean?

Yes. Cleaning is easier as the viscosity of the Megasealed prevents the build-up of dirt and mould and is highly resistant to water, grease, scouring or use of abrasive cleaners.

How can I pay?

Megasealed prefers payment via EFT, BPAY, Mastercard or Visa. Please confirm the method of payment when making your booking. For more information contact 1300 658 007.