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How Balcony Waterproofing Can Stop Mould Growth

Balconies are a versatile addition to homes and apartments, providing spaces for people to hang their laundry, enjoy their privacy as well as relax in the fresh air. However, their year-round exposure to the elements means that water damage and leaks are always a concern. Besides cracks in the tile and grout, mould and mildew growth are common problems, especially if the balcony is left unmaintained for long periods of time. Failed balcony waterproofing can result in increased moisture build-up, making the area a perfect breeding ground for the fungus. Fortunately, Megasealed’s repair specialists are well-equipped to provide regrouting and balcony waterproofing services that prevent water damage.

Causes of Balcony Mould Growth

The main cause of mould on balconies is dampness from water leaks. Moisture can seep through cracks in tiles and grout, building up with dirt that also becomes trapped in these spaces. At first, the mould can appear like small patches of scum or discolouration. However, hotter weather provides the perfect conditions for fungus to bloom and spread across the rest of your tiles and balcony. Besides appearing visually unattractive, mould can have a negative impact on a person’s health, causing respiratory issues, allergic reactions, headaches and more. That’s why it’s critical to remove and clean any growths to prevent them from returning.

Constant inspections are an effective solution to quickly spotting leaking tiled balconies and preventing mould damage. A simple test can be performed by pouring water over the tiles to see if there is a leakage. Other signs to look out for include:

  • Cracked or missing grout
  • Water stains under the balcony
  • Problems with opening and closing the balcony doors
  • Peeling paint

Benefits of Balcony Waterproofing

When it comes to the best solutions for balcony mould prevention, waterproofing is the most effective way to ensure that this space remains free of fungus growth.

Given the delicate nature of the solution, it’s best to hire a professional such as Megasealed as they have the proper skill set to carry out many of the procedures required. This includes:

  • Advanced water leak detection with thermal technology.
  • A complete degrouting of the entire balcony’s tiles.
  • Injection of a liquid waterproofing membrane.
  • Tile regrouting using waterproof epoxy grout.

Stopping leaks is an essential part of ensuring that wet areas continue to remain mould-free. Waterproofing is a cost-effective solution that will futureproof your balcony and keep the space well-maintained. Contact Megasealed today for professional balcony repairs that use award-winning products with the best customer service.

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