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Common Reasons For Balcony Leaks

Posted on 2021-12-23

According to the Australian Institute Of Waterproofing, the majority of waterproofing failures can be found in balconies and terraces. Leaking balconies can have long-lasting consequences and should be of immediate concern to any homeowner or builder. Some possible solutions, as well as prevention methods, can be found below.

Why Do Balconies Leak?

Here are 3 of the most common reasons why leaking balconies occur:

  • Porous tile surfaces

Masonry materials such as tiles and grout are not naturally waterproof and will allow moisture to pass through to the membrane. This will wear down the membrane and cause damage to the overall structure. Consider sealing the tiled surface and ask for a professional epoxy-grout replacement service to keep the balcony water-resistant.

  • Lack of balcony maintenance

A lack of constant maintenance in the building can lead to cracks in the surface of balcony floors. Water will easily seep through grout and cement which will cause further structural damage. Maintenance can be organised by yourself or, if you live in an apartment, by contacting the building manager.  

  • Natural building movement

Buildings naturally expand and contract as it heats up and cools down. This causes small cracks to appear, especially around the surface and membrane. Moisture can seep in and compound the problem, causing damage to the structure over the long term. Before the construction of a balcony, there should be proper planning to account for these structural changes.

Consequences of Balcony Leaks

Leaving a balcony to leak can result in damage and potential health risks. Constant damage to the structural integrity will eventually lead to collapse or breakdown. The costs to repair the entire balcony are expensive and could be compounded by litigation disputes between neighbours or building owners. Danger can also appear before a balcony collapse, with mould build-up occurring due to the moisture inside.  

All these risks can lead to various challenges, including financial loss, loss of property value, and health and safety hazards.

How to Prevent Balcony Leaks

Water leaks can present an issue all year round due to the balcony’s exposure to the elements. That’s why it’s important to prepare against leaking balconies, especially during winter.

Constant inspections will go a long way to catching the problem quickly or preventing balcony leaks altogether. Complete a simple test by pouring water over the tiles to see if there is any leakage. Other things to look out for include:

  • Cracked or missing grout.
  • Water stains on the underside of the balcony or internal ceiling.
  • Problems with opening and closing the balcony doors.
  • Peeling or splitting paint.
  • Weak structural joints in the balcony railing and posts.

Fix a leaking balcony with the help of a professional waterproofing service

When it comes to a plan for how to fix a leaking balcony, it’s best to hire a professional. Only professionals have the skill set to carry out the many procedures involved. Megasealed provides expert leak detection to help find the source of your troubles without any second guesses. They will then choose the best waterproofing solution to withstand the balcony’s structural movement and seal it from the elements.

Contact Megasealed today for a free quote so we can help you enjoy the sun and fresh air with peace of mind.