Stop A Shower Door From Leaking Water

Ways To Stop A Shower Door From Leaking Water

Finding that a puddle of water has accumulated on the bathroom floor is probably the last thing you want in the morning. Especially if it’s happened just after you’ve taken a shower. Cleaning up is a hassle and trying to find the source will take time that you don’t have. So how do you fix a leaking shower? It’s probably simpler than you may think. Tracking down the leak may be difficult and require the help of a professional. We’ll walk you through signs to look out for and break down the possible solutions.

What Causes Shower Water Leaks?

Shower enclosures can leak water for many reasons. Both new and old showers are prone to it. The most common reasons include:

  • Ineffective caulking
  • Worn out tile grout
  • Broken or improperly installed shower door seals

How to Locate a Shower Leak

Shower door leaks can be difficult to detect. Keep in mind that the source may come from multiple locations. Start by turning on the water in the shower and watching from the outside to see where the water begins to appear. The most common source is around the top of your shower, potentially near the faucet or hose. Discolouration of the tile grout or wall is another indication that there may be an issue with your shower.

Typical signs to look out for include:

  • Shower leaking behind the wall
  • Water pooling around the perimeter of the tiles
  • Water escaping from the bottom of the shower door or shower door track

How to Repair a Shower Door Leak

The steps taken for shower leak repairs will depend on the source of the leak as well as the type of enclosure you have. Any work done to your bathroom and especially your shower is always best left to professionals such as Megasealed. This is especially true for showers leaking behind walls.

Professionals have the proper equipment and experience to solve leaking showers the first time around. Some of the possible steps taken can be found below:

  1. Water Leak Detection – If you are still unsure about the source of your leaking shower, Megasealed has a service to find hidden leaks before damage is done.
  2. Degrouting – Our professionals will then degrout the perimeter, floor and wall that have been compromised.
  3. Membrane Repair – A liquid membrane will be injected underneath the tiles to solve any waterproofing issues.
  4. Regrouting – Our specialists will replace your original grout with epoxy grout which is water-resistant.
  5. Sealing – The final step is to use our shower tile sealer on the walls and floor to prevent water from seeping out of the cracks between the door and perimeter.

How Megasealed Can Help

If you think you have a shower leak, don’t hesitate to contact Megasealed for professional water leak detection & shower repairs so you can have peace of mind in the future.

Our standard Megasealed service is quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective than a tiles remove solution.

Industry leaders for over 25 years

One of the first in the business to fix leaks and renew wet areas without removing tiles, we’re proud pioneers of this revolutionary process.

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Depending on the most suitable solution for your situation, our Technicians will use our own unique and exclusive products to ensure the highest quality results.

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We service almost every state, with family-run franchises delivering affordable solutions to local communities across the country.

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