mould with bathroom waterproofing

How To Prevent Mould With Bathroom Waterproofing

If your bathroom isn’t properly waterproofed, it increases the chance of mould and mildew growth. This can not only make the room look ill-maintained, but also cause severe health hazards if left untreated. Unfortunately, mould is often hard to recognise and can easily be mistaken for dirt in a leaky shower. Here’s how to notice mould and the best solutions to prevent any further damage to your bathroom.

What Is Mould?

Mould refers to a dangerous strain of fungus that can negatively affect a person’s health if it grows uncontrollably. These include:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Allergic reactions, including watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose
  • Skin irritation
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Mould-induced asthma
  • Lung infections

To prevent these mould-related health problems, it’s critical to recognise and remove mould right away.

Where Does It Grow?

Cracked or unsealed tiles allow water & moisture to seep into the floor and sit inside. If you have a leaking shower, water can eventually build up and create pools. This gives mould a perfect location to grow in the heat & dampness of the bathroom.  

What Does It Look Like In The Shower?

At first, mould can look like patches of dirt or scum. You may think that it simply requires a bit of scrubbing to remove the spot from the tiles. However, as you scrub, you might notice that the “dirt” isn’t going away easily.

This could be mould growth.

When you spot discolouration in the tile grout, you’ll soon notice it’s spread to more places in your shower. If left untreated, mould can eventually spread to the walls and ceiling.

How To Prevent Mould With Waterproofing

It’s critical to clean all mould and spores before taking measures to prevent the mould from returning to your shower. Any lingering growth or spores will start a new crop of mould—even if your shower looks clean.

Cracked tile grout and a leaking shower base will produce more mould without repair. Take a stand and make sure your shower never extends another invitation to mould again!

One of the best solutions to preventing mould growth is bathroom waterproofing. Professionals such as Megasealed are well equipped to strip away bad grout and apply fresh epoxy grout which stops moisture from seeping in between the tiles.

For extra protection, they will then use a liquid membrane that provides effective shower waterproofing without the need for tile removal and other renovations.

Contact The Waterproofing Experts

Mould should never live in your shower. Even if you clean regularly, a leaking shower can allow mould to easily grow.

Our Megasealed technicians use a combination of exclusive tools, products, and procedures to target and stop leakage points in your shower.

Let us protect you from shower mould! Contact Megasealed for more information on our shower repair services.

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