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Tile Regrouting Services: How to Bulletproof your Shower

Nothing ruins a bathroom’s appeal more than discoloured grout. Cleaning does help, but only for so long. Eventually, you will need to remove your old shower grout and replace it with new grout. Here’s everything you need to know about tile regrouting.

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Maintaining tile grout –

It’s normal for shower grout to get discoloured over time. The reasons tend to vary, from dirt and detergent accumulation to leaching to efflorescence. While having discoloured shower grout isn’t something any of us would enjoy experiencing, getting rid of the stains is harder said than done. Frankly speaking, it’s challenging to clean shower grout, more especially so if your bathroom uses cement-based grout. Unlike epoxy grout, cementitious grouts are usually very porous and thus are susceptible to stains and mould growth. You could seal the grout. But that’s only a temporary solution that will probably prove useful for two years tops – less if you use acidic cleaning products. So how do you avoid discoloured shower grout? We recommend the ‘bulletproof your shower service.’

What is the bulletproof your shower service?

            The bulletproof shower service is all about using the best grout on the market to future-proof your bathroom. We are talking about epoxy grout – the king of grouts. Having been made of epoxy resins and filler powder, epoxy grout tends to be waterproof, more resistant to stains compared to traditional grout, and, let’s not forget, incredibly durable. This makes it a popular choice for high-traffic areas like showers.

            While regrouting shower tiles with epoxy grout has its benefits, it is quite challenging to work with this type of grout. That’s why most experts recommend hiring a professional tile regrouting service provider to help you achieve the task. Under our “bulletproof your shower service”, our dedicated technicians will come in and assess the condition of your grout, remove the old grout and clean the silicone joints in preparation for the new installation. They will then install epoxy grout, keeping in mind the style and overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

How to clean and maintain epoxy grout?

            Just because epoxy grout is stain-resistant, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t subject it to a thorough scrubbing every once in a while.

Fortunately, epoxy grout is a lot easier to clean compared to traditional grout as only the joint surfaces get stained most of the time. So, it shouldn’t prove too much of a hassle for you.

            The bottom line is, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider switching to epoxy grout. And if you are yet to do so, it’s probably time to call in a tile regrouting service. At Megasealed, we are experts on all things epoxy grout. For the past couple of decades, we have been delivering top-of-the-line tile regrouting service to help homeowners achieve a clean and polished look for their bathrooms. 

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