All About Grout: The Benefits of Epoxy

Posted on 2018-11-30

Epoxy Grout product MG11 Megagrout The time has come for a bathroom refresh or maybe you’re a builder chasing a new way of doing things – a better way, a cleaner way and epoxy seems to tick those boxes faster than good ol’ cement ever will. You’ve heard about it, you may have mates or colleagues who experiment with it regularly, extolling epoxy grout benefits on command – some guys even talk about more than their favourite footy team. So let’s take a closer look at the pluses of epoxy grout sealer and explore any epoxy grout problems cement can solve.

The Advantages of Epoxy Grout

While epoxy grout price is pretty stable in the higher end of the market, the marginal extra cost will be well worth your time. Not only will your tiles look better, but they will feel better too. Why? Check out this list of benefits and get ready to convert to the epoxy debate.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning grout is a time-sucker for many home owners. Even if the tiles you’re installing aren’t your own, think about how you feel about your own cleaning duties back at the homestead. Cement grout attracts dirt, grime and grease, making it near impossible and time consuming to get it clean without considerable effort. Epoxy is a breeze to keep spick and span, it doesn’t absorb stains, slurp up greases or hold onto dirt – a simple alkaline grout cleaner dissolves the refuse and that’s the end of it.

Flexible: Epoxy isn’t rigid or gritty like regular grout. In fact, when throwing around the epoxy grout vs regular grout discussion, epoxy is always noted for its elasticity and durability. It does not wither with time, considered utterly shrink-proof and bendy, moving with the building as weather influences the foundations and walls. Commercial business owners fully embrace the powers of epoxy grout – imagine the nightmare of cleaning up an industrial kitchen after you’re warm and relaxed at home? Chefs swear by epoxy.

Low Absorbency: Epoxy grouts are highly water resistant. Instead of suffering the same water ingress as cement and sand based grouts, the water simply sits on top, waiting to be cleared away or dried by the sun. Outdoor areas are regularly epoxied, along with kitchens and bathrooms – specialist products like Megasealed’s Megagrout MG11 is environmentally friendly, chemically gentle and 100% effective.

Pressure Points of Epoxy

Epoxy Grout MegasealedAlthough we can’t deny epoxy is here to stay and will change the way you think about tiling, there are a couple of things you should know first.

No DIY: Epoxy grout is not a do it yourself deal. Despite our thriving DIY culture, Aussies are better off contacting a business like Megasealed to give the process the special care and attention it needs. It’s not an easy process. If things go wrong, there can be consequences; say you’ve allowed the epoxy grout haze to dry on the tile – easy to remove, right? Not so. Far removed from the elbow grease/vinegar combo used to get normal haze off, dried epoxy haze requires floor damaging products to eliminate it. Some people even retile the whole room, it’s that difficult to clean away.

Compatibility Issues: Porous tiles aren’t compatible with epoxy. So those stone floors you paid so much for will have to be secured by cement and cleaned regularly. If you’re not sure if your tiling is porous or not, behold another great reason to call a professional.

The Verdict

Epoxy grout is perfect for residential homes and commercial businesses searching for an easy-to-maintain solution. Whether you’re a builder, a home owner, a renovator, a decorator or just a friend helping a mate tile their kitchen or bathroom, epoxy is worth every cent of a callout.