Shower grout

How Often Should You Seal Grout in a Shower?

Posted on 2020-11-30

Shower tiles are constantly getting wet and dry, which can result in cracked and mouldy grout. Wondering what grout is? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Grout refers to the substance holding your shower tiles together. Most people are unaware of the importance of a tile and grout sealer. And the fact is failing to seal shower grout could cost you. In particular, you could experience water damage and mould. So the big question that you are all probably asking yourselves is how often you should reseal shower grout?

Many authorities recommend sealing shower grout at least once a year as a rule of thumb. However, at Megasealed, we believe that different areas should be subject to different maintenance considerations depending on whether they are high traffic or not. For high traffic areas, like the main bathroom, you should consider sealing it every six months, while low traffic areas like the guest bathroom can be resealed every two years.

If you are using epoxy grout, it might not be necessary to reseal it as it is highly water-resistant. In fact, this waterproof grout seals itself as it dries. Although epoxy grout is more expensive than cement-based grout, it gives you value for your money, given that it lasts much longer than traditional grout. It is important to note that epoxy grout is not appropriate for all types of tiles, and you should probably consult a tile setter to help you decide whether you need to go for waterproof grout or traditional grout.

The bottom line is now that you know the importance of sealing and resealing shower grout, make it a habit to do so. Create a maintenance schedule and then stick to it. When in doubt, find a tile setter, and they will help you establish your maintenance needs.