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Tile Grout Filler: The Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Solutions

Every house contracts and expands as it moves through the seasons, and over many years, the grout between the tiles of shower recesses, bathroom areas and floors will begin to show the stress. But fear not – if your grout is starting to crack under the strain, you don’t necessarily have to tear your bathroom apart to regrout your bathroom tiles. Here are a few tips to get your bathroom looking like new again.

Grout comes in three forms – powder, pre-mixed and two-part epoxy. If going with powdered grout, you can now select grout in a range of colours, so there’s sure to be one that suits your tiles. The benefit of coloured grout is that it won’t show up the first as much as a white grout will.

Mixing powdered grout is all about balance. Too little water and your grout will be too thick and difficult to spread, which means it will also be harder to ease into the cracks between your tiles. Too much water and your grout can crack within a short time, and even lead to large chunks coming out. Once you have your balance right, though, powdered grout can be a cost-effective way of re-grouting large areas.

Pre-mixed grout, as the name suggests, is sold ready to use. This option is very handy for smaller areas that need fixing, but you can also purchase larger tubs of pre-mixed grout for large areas. Again, pre-mixed grout often comes in a range of colours, so you don’t have to go with powdered grout if you want some colour.

Before grouting, it’s important to make sure all of the pre-existing grout is removed. Grout will adhere to tile, but it won’t adhere to old grout. Once you’ve removed the old grout, use a hairdryer or fan to make sure the area is completely dry before applying the new grout.

Once the grout is completely dry (leave for 24 hours to be safe), apply a sealant over the top, then leave the sealant to dry for another 24 hours before using your bathroom.

Alternatively, a two-part epoxy grout works as a more permanent grout solution but does need to be installed by an experienced trade’s person. The same colour options are available.

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