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Megasealed Tiles and Tribulations

Posted on 2020-10-09

Leaking balconies are a landlord’s worst nightmare. Not only are they difficult to fix but they almost always break the bank. Cracks in your balcony flooring are often caused by structural movement, the shifting, and shaking of your property – A natural process you cannot prevent despite your best efforts. There are a few steps you can take, however, to safeguard your balcony from leaks.

The first and most effective safeguard is getting tiled flooring. Not only are tiles durable but ceramic and stone tiles stand up to regular wear and tear without showing signs of aging. They are also versatile, easy to clean, trendy, and most importantly –  when installed with the correct waterproofing – don’t leak!

When deciding what sized tiles to go with, take it from the experts, in this case, bigger is better! Larger tiles can sustain the slight structural movement and are less prone to cracks and grout damage. Not to mention they are much easier to install and uninstall if necessary.

Furthermore, our two-part epoxy grout is the strongest, most flexible grout on the market. It does not break down over time, which being outside and exposed to the elements can and does happen. Megasealeds epoxy grout stands the test of time.

Megasealed is the leading ISO accredited tiling service in Australia. We provide quality tiling solutions at affordable prices. We also specialise in tile cleaning, stone restoration, marble cleaning and grout repair. So, no matter your balcony issue we have the solution to remedy your tiles and tribulations.

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