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Why Cracked Bathroom Tiles Need To Be Repaired Quickly

Are cracked tiles a problem? While this issue may not seem too serious on the surface, cracked bathroom tiles can cause significant damage to your wet areas if left unchecked for long periods of time. A leak detection service using thermal technology can often identify water seepage below the tiles. This water can cause widespread structural damage, especially to wooden frames and posts. That’s why it’s crucial to repair tiles as soon as possible if you spot any cracks. Megasealed offers professional bathroom tiling solutions to ensure that your wet areas remain refreshed.

Why Do Bathroom Tiles Crack?

There are several reasons why bathroom tiles and grout can crack, especially in the shower. Some can be easy to pinpoint, while others are the result of factors outside of your control.

  • Accidently dropping something heavy – If a heavy object drops on the floor at the right angle, this can easily result in clear chipping on the tile surface or grout. In these cases, either replacing the single tile or regrouting and resealing the damage may be the ideal solution.
  • Natural building movement – Buildings can naturally expand and contract during hot and cold weather. Other defects in the foundation can cause building movement. As a result, cracks will begin to appear on tile surfaces and the grout. Moisture can then seep in and expand these cracks, creating further damage.
  • Tiles placed on unstable joists – Your building’s floor can sometimes feel “bouncy” if the support beams are spaced too far apart. This creates an unstable surface for the tiling which increases the chances of bending and cracking.

Why Tile Repair is Essential For Your Bathroom

It is crucial that you repair bathroom tiles as soon as possible, especially if the damage is in the shower grout. If moisture continues to accumulate in between the cracks, it can also reduce the lifespan of your waterproofing and penetrate the subfloor. As a result, timber supports can begin to rot and degrade the overall structural integrity of the building. This will only exponentially increase the repair costs, beyond what is necessary. In order to protect other rooms from damage, your bathroom waterproofing should be protected.

How Megasealed Can Help With Bathroom Tile Repair

Fortunately, there are several easy and cost-effective solutions to repair bathroom and shower tiles in a timely manner. Megasealed is home to teams of professionals across Australia that offer expert bathroom and shower tile repair and regrouting.

Below is a simple breakdown of how our technicians provide standard repair services for your bathrooms:

  1. Water Leak Detection – Our specialists will perform an inspection of the area, potentially using a non-invasive electronic leak detector and thermal imaging to accurately diagnose the scope of the damage.
  2. Degrouting – Our next step is to remove the shower grout. If required, we may also remove the tiles depending on the extent of the damage.
  3. Membrane Repair – Our award-winning liquid membrane solution called Megabloc is injected below the floor to repair the waterproofing membrane.
  4. Retiling – If required, we will also replace the damaged tiles with new ones or perform a tile-over-tile service.
  5. Regrouting – We’ll then replace your original grout with our exclusive epoxy grout solutions, Megasealed or Megagrout Epoxy MG14.
  6. Tile Resealing – Once all the repairs are complete, the perimeter joints and walls are sealed for further protection. The shower is now ready to use the next day.

If you’re concerned about cracks appearing in your bathroom tiles or already suspect a water leak, don’t hesitate to contact Megasealed today. We offer free quotes for professional shower leak and tile repair.

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