Regrout shower

5 Reasons to Leave Regrouting to the Professionals

Posted on 2021-10-20

‍Regrouting your leaking shower or your bathroom tiles may seem like a simple task to consider, but there are many factors for why we recommend having a professional handle it during repairs or renovations. Below are 5 of the top reasons for why you should leave regrouting to the experts.

1. Reduces Costs

‍So many tools and materials are required for regrouting that it wouldn’t be surprising if you were confused about what to buy. Factors like grout requiring mixing in specific ratios mean a higher potential of being left with waste! A professional team like Megasealed, however, is already equipped with the best equipment and materials to complete the job without the potential of wasting something incorrectly.

2. Saves Time

‍With years of experience, our professional team can regrout your shower so you can use it by the next day. This will remove the stress of learning about how to do the job yourself. 

3. Guaranteed Quality and Professional Service

‍We offer 5 years waterproof guarantee against leaks for all fully sealed showers. That’s why you can be certain the finished job will leave you satisfied and less worried. Every member of our team receives extensive training so you can be reassured that we’ll complete the job with a high degree of quality and the customer service we are renowned for. 

4. Stops Accidental Damage

‍Sometimes, slip-ups can occur while working with power tools on showers or bathroom tiles, especially if you’re inexperienced. This can result in repair costs far exceeding the original job. By bringing in a professional Megasealed team, this risk of accidents is reduced, so you’ll avoid the chance of causing further damage and other issues popping up.

5. Stress less!

‍Home projects like repainting walls or getting the lawn looking perfect are an exciting challenge, but when it comes to regrouting the shower or tiles, the number of potential risks and factors to consider will only cause unnecessary stress. That’s where the Megasealed professionals come in. They’ve been specially trained to handle complex repair jobs and eliminate the worry of something going wrong. 

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