bathroom mould on tiles and grout

The Top 4 Causes of Bathroom Mould & How To Get Rid Of It

Mould in the bathroom is a common problem that can have a negative impact on both the look of your wet areas as well as your health. Left alone, it can lead to unappealing blemishes on surfaces as well as potential respiratory issues during prolonged exposure. That’s why it’s essential to identify the source of the growth and remove it as soon as possible. External issues such as leaking showers can also accelerate mould growth which is why you should also hire a professional to repair them as soon as possible. Below, we outline the top causes of bathroom mould and the best ways to get rid of it.

Why Mould Grows In The Bathroom

The bathroom is a hotspot for mould due to the constant moisture accumulation and lack of consistent sunlight. Some of the most common reasons why mould grows in bathrooms include:

1. Moisture & Leaks

Leaking water and moisture can pool onto tiled surfaces and, when combined with heat, can lead to an environment that is highly habitable for mould spores. These fungi can then also spread to other areas including the shower curtains or doors.

2. Poor Ventilation

A bathroom that isn’t properly ventilated will lead to a constantly humid and damp environment. Every time we take a shower, bath or even use the sink, the steam from the hot water won’t be properly evaporated, creating an ideal place for mould and other organisms to grow.  

3. Deteriorating Grout

Tile grout naturally deteriorates over time, causing cracks to appear in which moisture and flowing water become trapped. Mould can easily grow in between these spaces and spread across grout lines. That’s why it’s recommended to regrout tiles regularly so as to keep your bathroom looking fresh and prevent damage.

4. Blocked Drains

Soap build-up, loose hair falling, and other dirt particles can collect in your drains, causing blockages that lead to stagnant water and moisture accumulation behind walls. These are often difficult to detect, meaning mould can be left to easily spread in these dark areas.

How To Get Rid of And Prevent Mould

While mould can be removed, we recommend using some preventative measures to reduce the chances that it can grow in the first place.

1. Improve Ventilation

Proper ventilation will go a long way in keeping mould from appearing. In order to circulate the steam and hot air out of the bathroom, ensure that the fan or a window is open during and some time after your shower.

2. Tile & Grout Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your tile and grout will prevent mould from growing to the point that it is hard to remove. Make sure to wipe down wet surfaces and keep them dry after using the sink or shower. During this, you should also consider unclogging your drain, and removing any particles and other debris.

3. Bathroom Waterproofing

A crucial investment for your bathroom should be professional waterproofing. Sealing your shower and other tiled surfaces will prevent leaks and protect them from water damage. This means there is less risk of mould appearing in between cracks or the grout pores.

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