Fix a Leaking Shower

How to Fix a Leaking Shower: Should You DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you have a leaking shower, you are probably asking yourself, “how much does it cost to fix a leaking shower?” Some will opt to hire a professional plumber to fix their problem or take it on as a DIY project. Sadly, the cost isn’t the only aspect to peg your shower repair decision on.  Water, as it is, is very destructive, especially if it comes from a leaking shower. Therefore, if it is not handled properly, the hodgepodge will cause more problems than they initially were.



Pros and Cons of both DIY or Hiring a Pro

Frankly, there is nothing as satisfying as doing things on your own. Accomplishing technical and physical tasks, no matter how small, will also open you up to other things you can do around the house—usually, there’s no stopping once you start. Let’s not forget the cost-savings you realize from a DIY plumbing project.

That said, you cannot dismiss the skill and experience of a professional plumber. Fixing leaking showers is part of what they do, and they have probably handled complex ones like a leaking shower behind a wall. With a professional, you are guaranteed quality. Yes, you might have to part with a few coins, but the final outcome will make it all worth it. Look at it this way. Thanks to their extensive skills and expertise, a pro is likely to devise a solution that will last for years, thereby giving you value for money. With a DIY, you can not be assured that it will be long-lasting. Hence you might wind up spending more than if you had hired a professional in the first place.


Plumbing projects most suitable for professional plumbers

Did you know that you could get non-destructive shower repair for leaks behind walls?  Yes, if the leak is minor, you don’t have to take down the whole wall. Professional plumbers can handle all your plumbing issues before they can cause structural damage, rot and mold in the house. Using only the best techniques and tools, they will waterproof, seal, and return your bathroom to its original condition—if not better.  Likewise, if you have a failed shower repair, you should enlist the help of a pro to rectify it for you.


Plumbing projects most suitable for homeowners

Water damage has devastating effects on any structure. So, homeowners should only handle DIY shower repairs that need quick fixes like replacing a showerhead or unclogging a drain. Even when you do it, it is advisable to ask a pro to assess the quality of the fix for you.

The bottom line is, while a DIY shower repair project can be satisfying to take on, shower repair on your own is likely to open up a pandora’s box of other plumbing issues. Therefore, when you have a leaking shower, it is best to get a shower repair professional to come and sort it out once and for all.

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