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Breaking News: New Rare Frog Species Discovered in Sydney: Mega Rupertous Erythros Humidus”

Shockwaves were sent through the frog spotting community with the discovery of a new species in the most unusual of locations. A leaking shower!

The Rupert large red-striped frog (Mega Rupertous Erythros Humidus) is named after the founders of the species, Megasealed, Australia’s leading bathroom and balcony repairs expert. The new frog is believed to have finally emerged due to the aftereffects of the La Nina season that ran throughout 2022. This climate phenomenon brought about record rainfall to the east coast of Australia, leaving many homes with water damage and leaks in their bathrooms.

The discovery of the new frog came one morning during a routine leaking shower repair job in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs led by Megasealed’s Founder and Managing Director, Jacques Courtin. Mr Courtin was in the process of retiling a client’s shower with his revolutionary epoxy-based solution when he began to hear a soft croaking coming from underneath the floor. Removing the rest of the old tiles, he was shocked to find the small frog hopping around on the waterproofing membrane.

Commenting on the find, Jacques Courtin said,

“It was a moment of excitement and disbelief when we stumbled upon this beautiful frog. We immediately knew it was a new species and were thrilled to be a part of its discovery.”

Extreme care was taken to not disturb the tiny wonder while the rest of the Megasealed technicians continued to repair the leaking shower.

An expert herpetologist, Xavier Farwell, who later examined the frog stated:

“This new species is quite unique in appearance and behaviour. Its distinctive green shade and red stripe make it stand out in the region.

Further study of the frog has revealed that its main habitat appears to be leaking showers. There have been several hypotheses that the damp and dark conditions created by the moisture build-up provide the perfect conditions for eggs to hatch. It is estimated that there could be 1 in 500 Large Rupert red-striped frogs still living in wild, however, this number is expected to dwindle as the number of leaking showers continues to decrease due to frequent repairs.

As a result of concerns regarding the loss of habitat for these frogs, Megasealed is now looking to lead a national conservation effort, with plans to set up a large park filled with leaking shower replicas to rehouse the new species.

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