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Slippery Floors Are Not Just a Nuisance – They Can Cause Serious Injury

Slippery Floors Are Alarming!

Falling is one of the major reasons for accidents, leading to serious injuries in Australia. Such injuries not only cause temporary physical pain but may require bed rest up to a few weeks and have long term effects. It leaves you with heavy medical bills impacting your finances in a long run and may even cause an inability to work.

Commercial property owners are under a serious obligation to abide by the rules of putting precautionary signs of anti slip to prevent any kind of injury possible. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to prevent accidents caused by slippery floors. In case of an accident that caused serious financial and physical trouble to an individual due to your negligence, a lawsuit is inevitable that can lead to a heavy amount of penalty.

According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare – injuries have been determined to be the major causes of permanent disability and deaths. An approximate 40% of the injuries requiring hospitalization occur due to falls with an estimated $3.7 billion of related medical expenses for treatments.

Injuries Caused by Slippery Floors

There are so many different injuries that are expected from a fall on a slippery floor. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bruising Around the Body

If the fall is not of a severe nature, it can cause bruising around the part of the body where it fell. This can go away in a few days’ time after facing pain in the bruised part for an initial two to three days, depending upon the severity and place of the bruise.

  • Head Injuries Including Concussion

If unfortunately, an individual has fallen and hit the head on the floor because it was slippery, he might get a serious head injury resulting in a concussion.

  • Damage to Ligaments and Tendons

Serious damage to ligaments and tendons can also occur due to falling on a wet floor.

  • Fractured and Broken Bones

The most dangerous is breaking or fracturing a bone by falling. To prevent such a kind of serious injury, people usually use anti slip floors, mats, and other techniques.

  • Varying Degrees of Soft Tissue Damage

Ignoring precautionary signs of wet floors normally leads to a fall that can cause a varying degree of damage. Soft tissue damage is one of the many commonly reported problems after a fall on a slippery floor. Where healing can take a long time.

Prevention of Slippery Floors

Prevention is better than cure!

There are various anti-slip solutions available in the market to prevent accidents caused by wet floors. Mostly management and administration are aware of the anti-slip arrangements and anti slip solutions to protect the people from getting into accidents. However, sometimes people might ignore the signage and get into trouble. It’s not the cleaning which has caused the wet floor, rather a leakage, spilled drink by some customers, weather conditions, or shift change of mopping staff, can also become reasons for an accident.

Megasealed Anti-Slip Treated Floor is a Safer Surface to Walk on When Wet

MegaSealed Anti Slip products are the perfect anti-slip solution, which has a very low odour, that can be applied to a variety of surfaces radically improving the slip resistance when wet.

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