Slip resistant flooring

Slip Resistant Flooring

Posted on 2018-11-30

Slip resistant flooring can significantly reduce the potential for injury in your home or commercial premises, particularly for the elderly or children.

Slippery tiles or areas that become slippery when wet can be treated with products such as Megagrip, a product tested by the CSIRO and produced by Megasealed, one of the most trusted names in slip resistant flooring.

With its high slip resistant rating (CSIRO Slip Rating X – High), Megagrip is the perfect solution for indoor areas such as commercial lobby areas and bathrooms, and shower recesses and other tiled areas in the home. Megagrip is an exclusive resin formula that includes crushed quartz, making it a simple and effective slip resistant product, and is suited to indoor applications. It can be applied in large sections or smaller safety strips.

Megagrip Heavy Duty (CSIRO Slip Rating V – High), an Epoxy-based mix with a higher aggregate of crushed quartz and coupling agents in its mix, provides very high slip resistance, making it the ideal solution for stairs in particular. Megagrip Heavy Duty is ideal for outdoor areas and can also be applied to metal surfaces.

Both solutions of Megagrip are highly resistant to abrasions, making it long lasting, even on natural stone or concrete.

Another option is Chemical Etchant, which provides medium slip resistance (CSIRO Slip Rating Y – Medium) for surfaces both indoors and out. This chemical-based product works by etching tiles to a satin or ‘hone’ finish, and can be used on limestone, marble, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles and granite. The Chemical Etchant is particularly useful for large area application and is great value for money.

The application of Megasealed’s slip resistant flooring products is fast and fuss free. Floors can be used within 24-28 hours, which also provides minimal disruption. Cost effective, fast and long lasting, slip resistant flooring is an essential addition to any home or business.