how to repair shower leaking behind wall

How to fix a leaking shower

Posted on 2018-11-30

How to fix a shower leak or balcony leak – can you DIY?

For the budding DIY property owner there is always the option of doing it yourself. Unfortunately the majority of products available on the market, even if applied correctly, will at the very most only provide a temporary solution.

You are also only likely to target the area in the bath or shower where you can visibly see a gap in the grout or between the floor and wall tiles when there may be other leak areas you have not and are not able to identify. What makes this option even less favourable is that after all the hard work of doing it yourself, silicone based retail products tend to go mouldy within a very short period of application and in general, most products will not withstand building movement.

The most expensive way to stop a shower leak

When Megasealed first opened its doors over 18 years ago most Australians with a leaking shower were forced to use temporary stop-gap measures or expensive and time-consuming re-membraning.

Re-membraning is not an easy task and can take 4-5 days. It involves the removal of tiles within the shower to repair or replace the current waterproofing membrane and it can be extremely difficult to find matching replacement tiles – making it costly and time-consuming.

We would always recommend our non-removal of tile service but can complete a full retiling and membrane service if necessary.

The most efficient and effective way to stop a shower leak

In the majority of cases the non-removal of tiles is by far the most efficient and effective way to stop a leaking shower, making your life easier.

Service product options

Megasealed is a unique product exclusive to Megasealed Bathrooms designed to withstand normal building movement more than standard grout. Is applied to wall and floor joints in replacement of standard grout to permanently stop your leaking shower. Includes a 25 year product warranty.

Megagrout MG11 is a liquid additive mixed with grout prior to application to help with flexibility and porosity. As with the Megasealed product listed above, the product is also a 2 part epoxy product exclusive to Megasealed and ideal for grout replacement. The decision to use Megagrout or Megasealed is up to the customer, and their preference towards the two textures. Includes a 25 year product warranty.

Megagrip is an anti-slip clear epoxy sealant that penetrates to seal grout and tiles, and provide slip resistance. Includes a 5 year product warranty. Anti-slip treatments are great for the elderly and families with young children. Megagrip CSIRO tested with “high” slip resistance result.

Penetrative Sealer is applied to wall and floor grout and tiles in showers and balconies to prevent leaks. Also seals porous natural stone tiles such as marble, granite and slate.

Step 1. Contact – booking a quote

Simply call us on 1300 658 007 or book a quote online.

Step 2. No obligation free quote

An experienced and fully trained Megasealed consultant will conduct an in-home inspection and assessment of your area of concern and provide you with a no obligation free quote. They will look for signs of water penetration, damage and deterioration. They will also explain what will be involved in the Megasealed service.

Leak detection test – an electronic moisture meter may be used to determine the level of concealed water behind tiles and if requested a pressure test to indicate any possible plumbing problems.

Step 3. The Megasealed Service

Once you have approved the quote the job is booked in at a time convenient for you. One of our fully trained Megasealed technicians will fix your leak with minimum fuss and hassle.

The Processes

  1. Your shower should be clean, dry and not used the night before.
  2. General tiling work for showers and balconies (including damaged or loose tiles, grout replacement and tiling over existing tiles).
  3. Stone repair and restoration (such as marble, granite and slate).
  4. Anti-slip treatments are great for the elderly and families with young children. Megagrip CSIRO tested with “high” slip resistance result.
  5. Removal and replacement of old, mouldy or damaged sealants such as silicone.
  6. Removal of existing grout from the walls and re-grout where necessary. (We do not remove cement based grout to minimise risk of damage to existing tiles).
  7. Remove and replace damaged floor grout where necessary (unless cement based).
  8. Remove and replace old grout from around the waste (drain) section as needed.
  9. Prepare the floor and wall junctions using Megasealed diamond tip technology.
  10. Remove waste material and vacuum excess dust.
  11. Complimentary tap service if possible*. This includes removing spindles and replacing washers and ‘o-rings’.
  12. Seal behind taps.
  13. Remove and replace silicone with mould resistant Megaflex inside shower screens to ensure water can’t get under the screen.
  14. Apply appropriate Megasealed sealing product for your shower to joints and waste (drain) as needed. Megasealed is applied wall-to-wall, perimeter of floor, vertical joints to the first row, edges of floor waste and all floor joints if required.
  15. Inspect all work for quality on completion and ensure its left clean and tidy.

(* does not apply to flick mixers or ceramic disk taps as these should be serviced by a plumber. Excludes WA & QLD).

Note: In some instances the steps above may be varied to suit the type of condition of the shower.

After service

Please leave the shower to dry for 24 hours before using.
There may be a fine white powder left on your tiles. This is simply re-grouting residue that can be wiped off with a damp cloth.
Megasealed Bathrooms are the largest company in the industry. We have the most technicians handling the largest volume of quotes across the country.

Plus we have one of the fastest turn-around service in the business. We complete most jobs within 48 hours of quoting – helped by having consultants and technicians in your local area.

To arrange for your local Megasealed consultant to do an in-home no obligation free quote call us on 1300 658 007 or book a quote online.