Megasealed’s Innovative Product Range

Megasealed has an exclusive and guaranteed range of products available to complete all leaking shower and balcony repairs.

Megasealed GoldTM – An epoxy based extremely flexible sealant that can be applied to perimeter and tile joints, as well as along the floor and wall joints. It’s inherent flexibility enables it to cope with wall and floor movement. Megasealed GoldTM is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Megaclean GreenTM – A natural and safe bathroom and tile cleaning product containing pure eucalyptus essential oil – a natural disinfectant, purifier and deodoriser – that’s tough on grime and mould.

MegagripTM – Megasealed’s anti-slip product, Megagrip™, comes in three variations which can be applied on porcelain and ceramic tile, natural stone such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, terrazzo, and most other surfaces that need to be made less slippery.