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3 Great Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

With the Spring season well underway, comes the yearly desire to perform a full-scale cleaning of your home. However, what most people neglect is to carry out general maintenance checks on their bathrooms and balcony. Hidden water leaks and patchy tile grout should be repaired as soon as possible before extra cleaning effort is required. Pointing out most of these considerations requires a keen eye. Fortunately, the experts at Megasealed offer bathroom renewal services to give your bathroom and balcony a new lease of life.

Bathroom & Shower Repairs

If you’ve regularly cleaned your bathroom during Spring, then you would have noticed several things that may need more than just a thorough scrub. During this process, we commonly neglect discoloured grout, loose seals and cracked tiles.   

Over time, tile grout naturally develops discolouration and looks aged thanks to dirt, leaching or exposure to the elements. In particular, dirt and moisture can easily pass through cement-based grout due to its porous nature. As a result, the tiles can appear visually unappealing. Moreover, the risk of mould and further damage increases due to the presence of moisture in the floor structure.

Help futureproof your home’s wet areas by regrouting your tiles with an epoxy-based solution. However, epoxy grout also requires great care due to its complicated chemical composition. The mixture of resin and filler powder makes the grout more resistant to deterioration, giving it a cleaner look. Megasealed’s professional technicians are all trained in using epoxy-based solutions, making them the best people to call for this job.

Bathroom Rejuvenation

If your bathroom is starting to look worn out, it’s time to consider a rejuvenation. Megasealed’s bathroom rejuvenation packages cover a wide range of cost-efficient services that can be completed within a single day. This includes shower renovations with epoxy grout replacement in a colour of your choice, tile resealing, tile over tile and more. Hiring our rejuvenation professionals can help remove the stress of cleaning your bathroom and make future Spring plans easier to manage.

Balcony Repairs

As the Spring weather starts to improve, many of you will be keen to enjoy the benefits of having a balcony. However, like the bathroom, we often neglect this area due to less traffic, leaving it prone to damage over time. When cleaning your balcony, be on the lookout for cracks in the tiles and grout, as these can directly affect the structural integrity by allowing moisture in between the waterproofing.

Thankfully, balcony repair professionals such as Megasealed often offer water leak detection services that can pinpoint the hidden cause before providing a solution that fits. This can range from simple grout replacement to full-scale balcony waterproofing.

The Spring season is a time when we can breathe new life into our homes with proper cleaning, throwing out old household items and replacing them. However, why not consider a bathroom or balcony rejuvenation this year to round out your plans?

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