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How to determine the cause of a leaking shower

Posted on 2020-07-10

Is your water bill looking a little more expensive than usual? Is your bathroom floor and wall mysteriously damp? Is there mould forming in those hard to reach places? Does something smell a little musty at home? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are you have a leaking shower.

A leaking shower can ruin the integrity of your home’s foundations. Not to mention it causes a build up of mould, chipped paint, decaying grout and can make your bathroom look like a total mess. Too often we go about de-moulding, re-paining and re-grouting without actually remedying the problem at the source – The leaking shower behind the wall! So, to save your money and time we have compiled this list of how to fix our once beautiful bathroom starting at the source.

There are many possible reasons your shower might be leaking, including:

  • A blockage in the plumbing system i.e. pipes
  • A broken waterproofing membrane
  • The use of poor-quality products during the construction process
  • A problem with the shower head
  • A leak behind the wall

Getting a leakage fixed often ends up being quite expensive depending on who you get to do the job. With Megasealed’s range of services including our Standard Service or our Tile Over Tile Service you can not only pick the perfect solution for your leaking shower, but also one that is cost efficient. But keep in mind this is dependent on how early you identify the problem.

We cannot stress enough that leaks are time sensitive. The longer it takes you to identify the problem, the more money it will cost to fix. So, stay on top of your bathroom maintenance by checking for these signs:

  • A dripping sound – Simple, but effective
  • Dampness in and around the shower and the bathroom wall
  • Accumulation of mould on the floor, walls, and ceiling
  • Cracks appearing in the paint
  • Cracks in the grout
  • Loose tiles

If you spot any of the above, then contact Megasealed to get quality service without breaking the bank. Megasealed will provide you with ISO accredited experts who will help you find the right solution for your leaking shower. Call us on 1300 658 007 for a free quote today.