bathroom shower leaking

Why Do Showers Leak?

No one wants a leaking shower. Not only can it do damage to your house, it can cause unwanted smells, damage to surrounding areas, dampness and attract white ants. And apart from that, a leaking shower can be hard to keep clean as dampness and leaking can cause a build up of dirt and mould in grout and on walls and let’s face it, that in itself is not a very attractive look and hard to remove.

As a result we start using aggressive cleaning products, which can do damage to your sealants, as only few are resistant to such harsh and abrasive products.

Understanding why showers do leak and what warning signs to look out for if they do, can help prevent a leaking shower and at the very least, identify a leaking shower in an early stage and take action before too much harm is done.

So what are the common causes?

  1. Building movement, which can cause cracks in walls. Every building has a natural movement due to temperature changes and changing weather conditions (moisture)
  2. Gaps between wall and floor due to vibration in the shower walls caused by the shower door and also because of natural building movement
  3. Failing of the waterproof membrane underneath your shower floor
  4. Harsh cleaning products that break down the sealants and grout
  5. Low quality choice of sealants and silicones used to seal the shower. These can have a limited life span and can only cope with a certain amount of leakage
  6. Lack of knowledge by contractors regarding waterproofing techniques
  7. Bad plumbing
  8. Badly hung ceramic tiles

How will I know my shower is leaking?
Regular inspection of your wet areas is a great idea, as the sooner a leak is identified, the better. What sort of signs should I look out for?
Shower walls and grout have a built up of mould

  1. Smell caused by rotting of timber and wet carpet/flooring
  2. Paint flaking off walls/ceiling
  3. Cracks in walls
  4. Grout falling out/missing
  5. Lose tiles (coming off the walls)
  6. Bathroom door is jamming

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