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5 Myths About Tile Grout Cleaning & Repair

As time goes on, tile grout can become dirty and discoloured, eventually becoming difficult to clean properly.

Grime and dirt build-up on grout can detract from the appearance of the tiles and the overall look of the bathroom or balcony. Visible damage to the tile such as cracks may even result in water damage and later mould growth. Cleaning the grout improperly can elevate these issues which is why it’s often best to leave this task to professionals such as Megasealed. Here are five of the most common myths or misconceptions to avoid when considering cleaning or repairing grout.

Myth 1: Mopping the tiles is enough for cleaning grout

While properly mopping your floors can keep tiles clean, it is not effective enough for removing the dirt and grime that settles in the grout over time. Moreover, a poor mopping technique or using unclean water can cause further staining as particles are driven further into the grout pores. Save time, and money and avoid risks by contacting Megasealed for professional tile and grout cleaning that will rejuvenate your bathrooms and balconies.    

Myth 2: Letting your floors soak in warm soapy water will easily clean tile grout

Leaving tiles and grout submerged in water can lead to long-term damage, especially if they have not been properly sealed or waterproofed. Moreover, while soap may loosen stains at first, the dried residue will actually cause dirt to stick faster, leading to the tiles becoming unclean once again.

Myth 3: Bleach is the best method to remove hard-to-reach stains

Bleach products disinfect, remove stains and whitens surfaces. For many places in your home, this is an effective cleaning solution. However, for tiles and traditional grout, the bleach chemicals can deteriorate surfaces and structural integrity, causing them to break apart. The whitening properties can also ruin the glossy texture of most tiles, leading them to look dull.

Myth 4: Harder scrubbing will clean tile grout stains

Cleaning tiles will always require some elbow grease. However, constant rough scrubbing results in damage from bits of grout being dislodged and scratches to the tile surface. This only serves to increase maintenance costs related to repairing this damage. Megasealed offers an alternative to traditional grouts with its epoxy grout solution, featuring higher durability and water resistance. This makes it ideal for tiles in high foot traffic areas, especially the bathroom or balcony.

Myth 5: Tile grout requires little maintenance

As with any home surface, your floor tiles and grout require consistent maintenance. Leaving them alone to the elements can lead to unchecked damage such as water leaks and cracking. Cleaning, replacement and general upkeep are necessary for keeping these surfaces looking good as new.

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Instead of having to constantly clean your old grout to ensure that they don’t get damaged, replacing them with epoxy grout will ensure that your floor tiles look cleaner for longer. Contact Megasealed today for a free quote on our tile regrout and sealing services.

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