applying epoxy grout

Why You Should Use Epoxy Grout

Tile regrouting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring new life into your home. Your bathroom and balcony tiles can naturally develop discolouration and look aged over time. Dirt, leaching or natural exposure to the elements are just some of the factors which lead to this situation. Replacing grout is a solution that will be more or less permanent depending on the type that is used. To help futureproof your home from cracks and leaks, epoxy grout is the best choice due to its various properties.

Epoxy Grout vs Traditional Tile Grouts

Traditional cement-based grouts are thinner than mortar and building cement. The water and sand mixture means that there will always be openings throughout, which remain after drying. This allows dirt and other elements such as mould to embed themselves and cause staining. Moreover, cement-based grout is not waterproof, which can increase the chances of leaks spreading.

Cracking can occur in cement grout due to various reasons:

  • If the mixture has too much water or additives.
  • If too little adhesive is used in tiles installation
  • Cement-based grout can only handle the pressure for so long if a tile pulls away from the wall after the adhesive dries

Advantages of Epoxy Grout

When it comes to bathroom tile repair & installation, the advantages of epoxy grout mean that it can be considered the best choice. In contrast to traditional grouts, epoxy grout is made of two-part epoxy resins which are mixed with filler powder.

This composition makes it:

  • Waterproof
  • Nearly 100% resistant to stains
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and physical pressure
  • Doesn’t need sealing
  • Low maintenance

Its durability and relatively low maintenance make it ideal for areas of high foot traffic & humidity around the home. Furthermore, the colour of epoxy grout lasts for longer, giving it an aesthetic advantage over traditional grouts.

Whilst Epoxy grout costs are higher than cement-based grout, its benefits far outstrip the costs.

Why Do You Need To Regrout?

Replacing tile grout needs to be done at the first sign of damage. Leaving old grout will increase the chance of water damage occurring in your wet areas. Regular tile regrouting will help in futureproofing bathrooms and balconies from higher repair costs.

Who Should Regrout Your Tiles?

As epoxy grout is a more complex composition, it’s best to hire a professional when it comes to regrouting your tiles. Megasealed technicians have years of experience and training when it comes to replacing old grout with epoxy grout, ensuring you receive the best service and reducing the risk of any further damage.

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