Shower Tile Sealing

5 Benefits of Professional Shower Tile Sealing

Sealing your shower tiles is essential to keeping the space inside and around your bathroom protected from water leak damage. Leaving leaks unattended can result in further issues such as mould build-up, tile cracks and stained surfaces. While at-home sealing solutions may provide temporary relief for protecting tiles, having a professional team provide their assistance can lead to long-term benefits in terms of costs and general maintenance. Here are five of the best reasons why you should consider having professionals seal your shower tiles.

1. Better quality shower tile sealing

If you are inexperienced in tile sealing, it can lead to further damage and increased costs from potential accidents. The technicians at Megasealed are experienced and well-trained to provide a sealing system that ensures your shower tiles are protected for several years to come. This reduces the likelihood of making any mistakes and extends periods between maintenance.

2. Bring new life to your tiles

Megasealed’s tile grout and sealing solution come in various colours to help match the current look of your shower and bathroom. Choose from a selection including white, beige, brown, ivory gold and more. This is the perfect way to renew your bathroom without embarking on a full-scale renovation.

3. Reduce Tile Cleaning

A professional tile sealing will ensure that the time spent cleaning these areas is reduced in the future. This is because the sealing solution ensures that any foreign particles or liquids are kept out of the tile pores. Instead, they will sit on the surface, which is a much easier area to clean and wipe away. In turn, this leads to less staining and chances of needing to completely replace tile grout that is unable to be cleaned.

4. Prevent Mould Growth

Wet areas such as the bathroom serve as breeding grounds for mould and mildew. Once they begin to grow, it often requires greater effort to clean these surfaces, posing a risk to your health in the long term. Solutions such as bathroom waterproofing are crucial to preventing these risks and visual damage. Professional shower tile sealing plays a large role in this process by preventing any moisture from entering tiles and grout. Combined with proper ventilation, this ensures that mould is unable to stain surfaces or grow in water that usually seeps into the grout.

5. Keep your shower looking fresh

A shower is one part of your home that should last for a long time before needing to be refreshed. With a warranty of 5 years, Megasealed’s tile sealing solution is certain to maximise the time spent with your current shower. Moreover, sealing is essential to preventing discolouration and damage from using strong cleaning chemicals. It is a cost-effective alternative to having to completely replace tiles prematurely.

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