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Why You Need Professional Bathroom Leak Detection

If you suspect there’s a leak in your bathroom, it’s best to discover the source as soon as possible. However, unless you have a trained eye, it can be difficult to find the cause of the leak. This is where professional bathroom leak detection provides the perfect solution. Thermal imaging technology is non-destructive and provides quick results, making it easier to assign the right repairs to the damage. Employing a water leak detection service will ensure an accurate diagnosis of the problem and future-proof your home from long-term damage.

Why You Need To Find A Bathroom Leak As Soon As Possible

A leaking shower may not seem like a huge issue for your bathroom, but it can cause widespread damage across the rest of your home if you continue to ignore the problem.

  • Constantly damp areas increase the chances of bacteria growth which is harmful to your health as well as makes your bathroom appear unhygienic and dirty.
  • Pockets of moisture are also the perfect breeding grounds for termites that require further costs to remove.
  • Moisture weakens wooden support beams, causing the entire structure to be compromised and requiring larger-scale repairs.

How Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Work

As the name suggests, thermal imaging cameras provide a visual representation of the temperature in the area. While they don’t necessarily “see” the source of the leak, thermal imaging is able to detect heat differences and patterns on surfaces. This is then visualised through a camera lens which shows a colour range mapped onto the suspected moisture pattern; Darker colours and cooler temperatures are usually signs of water damage and should be investigated further.

Megasealed Bathroom Leak Detection

As Australia’s leading professionals in leaking shower repairs, we offer expert leak detection services to quickly find and resolve the problem. Using revolutionary FLIR thermal technology, our participating franchisees can accurately detect hidden heat patterns and moisture intrusion with a wide field of view. Benefits of our bathroom leak detection service include:

  • Seeing the results for yourself – Watch as our technicians correctly pinpoint the source of the leak.
  • Save the hassle of further repairs – Our service is non-destructive and requires no contact for diagnosis.
  • Track the results – The cameras show visual imagery of the affected areas and provide before and after comparisons.

Professional leak detection means that our technicians can apply the best solution for the problem, saving you additional costs. Talk to Megasealed today for a free quote on bathroom leak repairs!

Our standard Megasealed service is quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective than a tiles remove solution.

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