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Top 5 Bathroom Restoration Tips To Consider Before Selling Your Home

As one of the most valuable rooms in your home, you may be thinking about making some big changes to your bathroom before selling. However, with property prices continuing to fall, it may be time to reconsider your full-scale restoration. Thankfully, with Megasealed’s bathroom renewal service, your wet areas can still look brand new at an affordable cost. With over two decades of bathroom repair and restoration experience, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your home. Here are five tips for restoring your bathroom while making sure to not break the bank in the process.

Clean And Regrout Tiles

One of the most important aspects of bathrooms that we often neglect is the tile grout. Over time, it’s natural for the seals between tiles to become old and dirty. Left alone, the grout can degrade and crack, resulting in leakages where moisture causes further damage. While proper tile cleaning can slow down this deterioration, we recommend regularly replacing grout every six months to ensure that wet areas remain sealed. Moreover, using a water-resistant epoxy mixture can also reduce the need for maintenance.

Make Some Colour Changes To Your Grout

By simply changing the colour of your tile grout, you can make a tired bathroom look refreshing and exciting, perfect for first impressions with potential buyers and evaluators. These new colours can also complement the rest of your bathroom’s design, either making the space seem bigger or accentuating certain parts of the room.

Consider Bathroom Restoration Timelines

If you’re looking to make a sale sooner rather than later, a full bathroom restoration may not be the best option. The extended timeline of a renovation project can bring about all sorts of delays such as supply shortages, poor weather or even accidentally exceeding your budget. These issues can lead to you missing out on ideal opportunities in the market. In contrast, many bathroom rejuvenation projects can be completed within the day, allowing you to be more prepared for property valuations.

Check For Hidden Leaks And Water Damage

It’s essential to make sure that your bathroom is free of any hidden leaks before putting it up on the market. Not immediately addressing a leak can lead to extensive water damage which will only serve to lower the property value. This can be difficult, especially if the leak is coming from a difficult location such as behind the wall. Thankfully, with a professional leak detection service, the source of the moisture can be pinpointed, allowing for the ideal repair solution.

Simple Cosmetic Changes

Making some simple changes to your bathroom accessories and décor can easily restore the look of the wet area. This can include DIY updates such as new towel racks, handles, caddies and more. When paired together with a bathroom rejuvenation package, you can bring a new feeling to this space, potentially attracting more buyers.

Megasealed’s Bathroom Rejuvenations

Megasealed offers customised and professional services to help bring a new lease on life to your wet areas. With a range of cost-effective packages, you can get your bathroom looking refreshed before deciding to sell your home. Contact us today for a free quote on free quote on bathroom solutions.

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