Leaking Shower Tips Video – Home Inspection Tips

Posted on 2018-11-30

Another big issue when we do our property inspections are around water leaks.

And I have to say don’t ignore any sign of a water leak because if you ignore it, it might get worse and the damage get worse.

Don’t think you are doing the owner a favour by not reporting maintenance to them because again it could blow out and cost them more in the long run.

So when we are looking for water leaks, what are we looking for? We want to look for, you know, is the paint bubbling? That’s a sure fire sign that we have a water leak perhaps in the wall or on the other side.

  • Look for damp areas and musty smells. I always run my hand over a wall if it is backing onto a wet area just to see.
  • Mould is another great sign that there is a water leak. Perhaps floor or wall grout is missing.
  • Discoloured or drummy tiles or grout – So you can tap on the tiles and see if they are drummy.
  • Black or dirty, mouldy silicone. Water marks on the ceiling or wet, smelly carpet.
  • Swollen timber around the door frames or architraves are certainly all signs of water damage.

So, I got this information or this little checklist from Megasealed and you will also find on the hub that we have a little cheat sheet there for dealing with water leaks.

Megasealed have been fantastic in assisting us in sealing showers and really protecting our properties against some of the water leaks we experience.