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The Most Common Mistakes With Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaking showers are one of the most common bathroom defects in Australia. It is because of this frequency, that many people think of leaking showers as a minor inconvenience to be easily resolved at a later date. However, if left unintended, a bathroom leak can eventually lead to widespread and costly issues for homeowners. Thankfully, by understanding the most common mistakes with leaking shower repairs, you can avoid unnecessary stress and burdens in the future.

Why Do Showers Leak?

Showers can leak for a variety of reasons, causing damage to the surrounding walls, floors and even nearby rooms. Some of the most likely reasons why your showers may leak include:

  • Damaged tile grout – Unprotected cement grout will wear out and decay over time due to constant exposure to moisture and the elements. This allows for the shower water to seep in behind tiles.
  • Cracked tiles – Natural building movement or man-made damage can lead to cracks appearing in tiles, leaving gaps for water to leak through.
  • Faulty seals – Sealants are an essential part of waterproofing your wet areas, protecting the junctions between walls and the floor. As these seals begin to deteriorate, the risk of water entering behind the walls and underneath the floor increases.

Common Errors When Repairing Leaking Showers

While repairing a leaking shower may seem like a simple task at first, there is a wide variety of mistakes that have the potential to lead to more costly complications in the long term.

Mistake 1: Ignoring The Early Signs

A common mistake that every homeowner has probably made is ignoring the early signs of leaks. Whether it’s musty odours, a small damp patch on walls or peeling paint, these are all likely traces of a leak that has occurred in the shower.

Mistake 2: Lack of Proper Grout Maintenance

Your shower’s grout plays an important role in protecting against moisture intrusions by sealing the gaps in between tiles. A lack of proper grout maintenance can lead to deterioration at a faster rate, leaving wall and floor tiles vulnerable.

Mistake 3: DIY Repairs Without Adequate Knowledge

Everyone fancies themselves as a handyperson and DIY projects can be a rewarding endeavour, but attempting repairs without the proper knowledge is risky. In some cases, the scope of the damage may even be beyond the capabilities of a DIY repair. Inexperienced repair jobs can fail to address the issue and lead to exponential costs to resolve additional issues that may pop up.

How To Ensure Proper Leaking Shower Repairs

When it comes to addressing leaking showers, taking a proactive approach can drastically reduce the risks of this damage occurring. Incorporating routines such as wiping down shower walls after use and performing regular inspections will ensure that your shower remains leakproof for longer. If you do suspect that a leak has occurred, don’t hesitate. We recommend hiring a professional who has the essential knowledge and equipment to provide effective solutions. At Megasealed, we have over 25 years of experience helping Australian homeowners resolve their bathroom leakage issues with quick, cost-effective and convenient results. Get a free quote from us today!

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