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Shower Repairs, Melbourne

Posted on 2018-11-30

When it comes to shower repairs, speed and quality are the hallmarks of a good repair service. Problems with your shower will only ever get worse if they are not fixed, often leading to heftier repair bills later on.

One of the most common problems with bathrooms is the grout between tiles. Because houses expand and contract during the summer and winter months, especially in Melbourne’s weather, your home is constantly moving. Over time, the grout between the tiles of your bathroom will begin to loosen and eventually crack, allowing water to seep into the walls, and if left unrepaired, into the wood of your house frame, floorboards and carpets in adjoining rooms.

Replacing all of the tiles in your shower recess is one solution, but if repaired early enough, this might not be necessary. A cost effective and more long-term solution is to completely seal the shower recess with products such as Megasealed and Megagrout MG11. These sealants are also effective on cracked shower bases and cracked tiles.

An extra benefit to having your shower sealed is the speed of the repair. Usually, re-tiling can take days, plus the time needed to allow the grout and cement to fully dry and the clean up afterwards. Sealants such as Megasealed take 3-4 hours to apply and your bathroom can be used the next day. All other areas adjoining the shower recess can still be used as well.

Megasealed also comes in a wide range of colours, so you can closely match it to your bathroom. Unlike other sealants, it does not peel off and has a product warranty for 25 years.