leaking shower sydney

Leaking Showers Sydney

Posted on 2018-11-30

A leaking shower is no small problem if left unchecked.

In Sydney, the weather ranges from hot and humid summers to cold and rainy winters, which means that throughout the year, your house is expanding and contracting. This movement can play havoc with your shower recess, as the grout between tiles gradually weakens with the movements, creating a gateway for water to seep into your walls and floors, and eventually, the house frame itself.

There are other reasons why your shower might be leaking too. If your unit has a shower tray underneath, it may be overflowing, or the base of your shower might be cracked. It’s also common for old sealants, such as silicone caulking, to begin to peel and allow water seepage.

DIYing many of these problems is, of course, always an option. You can find many of the tools and products available from a hardware shop, and for a time they might fix the problem. However, it’s harder to fix the problems you can’t see. For example, cracks in grout are not always visible, and if the shower isn’t sealed properly, you might need to get someone in later to remove all of the tiles and replace the grout entirely. This is costly and means you’re without a shower for a number of days.

Calling in a professional for Shower Leak Repairs in Sydney has its benefits. For starters, by the time you buy all of the tools and equipment, plus invest the time doing the job yourself, a professional can end up saving you money. Most importantly, a professional can quickly assess the extent of your problem. The right professional also has the very best products. Products like Megasealed, which can seal your entire shower recess within 3-4 hours, have a product warranty for 25 years – peace of mind worth considering.