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Gold Coast Waterproofing: What Megasealed can offer

Posted on 2018-11-30

If you’re living in the Gold Coast area and need cost-effective and reliable waterproofing services, then look no further than Megasealed.

Megasealed has developed the most effective waterproofing products on the market and is ideal for quickly and permanently waterproofing bathrooms, shower units, laundry areas, and balconies.

Many people think that fixing a leak means lifting all of the tiles – which often results in expensive tile breakage – replacing concrete and grout, then sealing with products such as silicone. The truth is, this way of fixing leaks is not only expensive and time-consuming but all too often leads to the same problems a few years down the track.

Megasealed takes an entirely different approach to waterproofing. A two-part Epoxy treatment, Megasealed is a ‘super-sealant’ that is applied to the entire area. Unlike sealants such as silicone, which is usually only applied to certain areas and often peels after a few years, Megasealed waterproofs the entire surface of the bathroom or balcony, and is guaranteed for 25 years. No peeling, no flaking, no chipping, no fuss.

Megasealed is applied by professionals whose experience and expertise can properly assess the area to be waterproofed, which is particularly important if there has been more extensive damage caused by leaking water. With all checks and repairs completed, Megasealed is usually applied within a few short hours, and your area is again ready to use within 24 hours.

Megasealed is the Gold Coast’s most cost-effective, fast, and long-lasting waterproofing system.