Cleaning natural stone

How To Clean Natural Stone | Natural Stone Care Tips

Natural stone is popular with homeowners and renovators for its beauty and durability but is also one of the most difficult surface materials to maintain.

One of the first places to start maintaining your natural stone surfaces’ good looks and lifespan is by keeping them clean and dust-free. This helps considerably with minimising damage such as scratches from dirt – stone does get dirty because natural stone surfaces and dirt/soil are attracted to each other as natural alkalis. So sweep and vacuum often to keep surfaces free from dirt and debris.

Protect and preserve your natural stone surfaces by taking some easy precautions. Use coasters under glasses and cups on stone bench-tops and tables, as well as put mats or trivets under hot food and dishes. Putting mats and rugs in doorways and busy entranceways will avoid dirt being brought in on shoes and ground into stone floors.
Regular cleaning will remove grit, gently rejuvenate the stone and gradually reduce marks and scratches. Look after stone floors and patios with regular dust and wet mopping – and be careful not to scratch the floor when vacuuming. Use a good quality mop to regularly clean your surfaces with a chemical-free pH-neutral detergent and plenty of water.
Because it is a natural surface, strong detergents, corrosive liquids, scouring powders and cleaning chemicals can damage stone and destroy pre-applied sealants. So it is important to select the right maintenance methods, such as Megasealed’s carefully researched and tested specialist range of cleaners and sealers.

Our pH-neutral, rinse-free Natural Stone Floor Cleaner leaves no dull film, while its special organic salts ‘moisturise’ your stone to stop it drying out. Originally designed for marble and granite, it is gentle enough for safe use on ceramic, hardwood and hard surfaces unharmed by water. Megasealed’s cleaning range also includes our Stone Tile and Grout Cleaner, Soap Film Remover and Natural Stone Spray Cleaner.

After cleaning, protect your stone with sealers designed specifically for Australian homeowners and contractors. The Impregnating Sealer for stone more effectively repels water and oil from all natural stones, grout, terracotta, concrete and other porous materials. Megasealed’s Polished Stone Preserver for high-traffic areas is designed to preserve polished stone floors in a busy area, while our Colour Enhancing Sealer darkens your stone surface and gives it a wet look finish.
Take great care of your stone surfaces and enjoy them for years to come!

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