water stains on ceiling from leaking shower

How To Avoid The Costs Of A Leaking Shower

Leaking showers are an issue that can plague every home at any time. From cracked tiles to degraded grout or even extreme weather conditions, water leaks are a common occurrence in bathrooms. Whenever we first spot a leak, it is often localised in a single area, which is why we usually put off dealing with it. However, continuing to ignore the problem can lead to widespread damage to the rest of your bathroom and home. With rising interest rates and inflation, this could mean exponential renovation costs, placing unnecessary stress on your budget. Thankfully, by employing the services of a leaking shower repair professional, you can avoid this damage to both your home and pocket.

Ways to Spot a Leaking Shower

Showers can leak for a variety of reasons, making it confusing to identify at first. However, there are some common signs to look out for:

  • Water stains: If you start to see brown stains on the ceiling or walls, this is an immediate sign that water has leaked through the surface of the tiles.
  • Peeling paint: Cracked, peeling or bubbling paint is also a sign of moisture building up and spreading behind walls.
  • Mould growth: Leaks and pooling moisture provide the perfect conditions for mould to thrive in. If you start to smell a damp musty odour and spot black marks growing in your shower recess, this is a clear indication of a leak.

While it is quite easy to spot the signs of a shower leak, finding the actual cause is often difficult. This is especially true if the source of the leak is behind the wall. That’s why we also recommend contacting a professional bathroom leak detection service. Using state-of-the-art thermal technology, these experts can provide an accurate diagnosis of the leak and suggest the correct solution for the problem.

Why You Should Quickly Repair a Leaking Shower

There are several reasons why we recommend not delaying repairing a leaking shower once it’s been detected. This includes:

1. Environmental Impact

On average, a leaking shower can build up to 3 litres of water per day. This can have a wide impact on the environment, especially during times of drought.

2. Increased Water Bills

The volume of water dripping constantly out of your shower can build up over time, resulting in thousands of litres down the drain. When combined with your regular usage, you could be looking at a large increase in your bills.

3. Structural Damage

Perhaps the most crucial reason why you should fix a leaking shower is the risk of structural damage to your home. Moisture build-up eventually degrades grout, especially if it’s unsealed. This causes cracks to appear in between tiles and allow water to seep in and damage the foundation.

4. Increased Repair Costs

If the leak has penetrated outside of the bathroom, the water can reach and damage other parts of your home, including rotting the drywall and architraves. Left long enough, the repair costs could reach as high as $35,000 for major issues.

How to Repair a Bathroom Leak

While there are several DIY solutions to repairing a leak in your bathroom, many of them are not future-proof. Moreover, if you are not experienced in working with equipment and materials such as tile sealers, a single mistake could make matters worse. A bathroom repair expert such as Megasealed will be able to fix an issue such as a shower leak within a shorter amount of time and use quality solutions that last for longer. A standard service could include:

  1. Leak Detection
  2. Degrouting Tiles
  3. Waterproofing Membrane Repair
  4. Tile Regrouting Using Waterproof Epoxy Solutions.
  5. Tile Resealing

Without the need for removing tiles, your shower could even be ready for use within the next day, all at a fraction of the cost of a regular renovation project. This is an important point to consider, especially if you are a homeowner still paying off their mortgage and reluctant to spend big on a full-scale restoration.

If you suspect that a leak has sprung in your wet areas, don’t hesitate to contact Megasealed today for a free quote on our bathroom repair services!

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