sealing leaking shower recess

Bathrooms Seals & Sealing

Posted on 2018-11-30

For a bathroom to have a long life, it’s vital that it is sealed properly. If not, water will eventually leak into your home, leading to more costly repairs later on.

But what does it mean to have your bathroom sealed properly? Well, not all products are created equal. For example, sealing only in certain areas with products such as silicone will only create a barrier against water for a time. Eventually, silicone will begin to peel off, allowing water to seep behind your tiles and into the wood of your floors and house frame. This can have additional drawback of creating the damp conditions perfect for termites.

Water can also begin to leak when grout starts to crack. All houses move as they respond to changes in humidity and temperature, but unlike timber, grout is not flexible, so it will eventually begin to crack after a few years. One way to repair this is to replace the grout or, if the problem is more extensive, replace all of the tiles as well. A more cost effective – and long term – solution is to seal the entire shower unit with a product like Megasealed. With a product warranty for 25 years.

The added benefit of sealing your entire shower recess is that it only takes around 3-4 hours, and your shower is ready to use the next day. Megasealed also comes in a great range of colours, so your bathroom will look beautiful as well.