liquid limestone sealing

Liquid limestone sealing

Liquid Limestone is a great alternative to pavers for outdoor areas in particular. Rather than the limestone being laid one tile at a time, liquid limestone is laid as one large unit, which means there are no cracks for the weeds to pop up through. Like other stone products, though, liquid limestone needs to be sealed in order to maintain its good looks.

Liquid limestone is naturally porous, so the stone will quickly absorb spillages. The same can be said for other substances, such as pool cleaning chemicals, dirt, and other substances. Over time, your beautiful liquid limestone, if not sealed and properly maintained, will become stained or even permanently damaged.

If you already have liquid limestone laid, it’s not too late to protect it. Use a high pressure cleaner to remove any existing stains or dirt, then, once it’s fully dry, apply the sealant. It’s best to apply all of the sealer in one session, so plan the time you will need based upon the size of the area to be sealed.

If you’re thinking of having liquid limestone laid, make sure you find out what type of sealer the contractor will be using (assuming they include one, which they should). Some liquid limestone sealers are water based, as because of the porous nature of the limestone, it will become absorbed quickly and be ready to use sooner. Other sealers are solvent based, and these generally provide a stronger seal and last longer.

The liquid limestone sealer you choose will also affect the way your liquid limestone will look. Water-based sealers will result in a matte finish, while solvent-based sealers will give your liquid limestone a glossy look.

When deciding on a sealant, check how long it is supposed to last. Some will only last around 1 year, while others will last 3-5 years. Others, such as what is used by Megasealed, will last a lot longer.

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