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Why A Leaking Balcony Should Be Repaired Quickly

As cities continue to grow and apartments are being built, balconies remain one of the most popular additions to these buildings. They provide owners with a space for relaxation and enjoying the beautiful weather. However, their exposure to the elements means that leaking balconies can become a common problem. If you live in an apartment complex, this will not only affect your property but also your neighbour. Water intrusion in balconies is an issue that can result in significant damage and safety concerns. That’s why leaking balcony repair should be a priority when detected.

Common Causes of Leaking Balconies

According to insurance statistics, waterproofing failures in balconies are the reason for most balcony leaks. During construction, the use of cheaper materials or incorrect installation may result in the waterproofing membrane failing to settle properly.

Other construction reasons involve inadequate falls, which can cause drainage problems. That is, rainwater falls on balconies but does not drain down the building. This water pools together and eventually seeps through the grout lines, reaching the waterproofing membrane. As a result, the membrane will deteriorate over time, leaving the structural parts of the balcony prone to damage.

Overall, the main causes of leaking balconies involve:

  • Waterproof membrane failure – either through time or application methods
  • Lack of or poor drainage
  • Broken tiles allow water to seep in
  • Deteriorated and porous grout
  • Lack of perimeter seals
  • Rainwater causing pooling and breakdown of membranes
  • Natural building movement causes cracks that allow water to penetrate under tiles.

Dangers of a Leaking Balcony

You should never neglect a leaking balcony. The water can result in major damage to the structural integrity of your balcony as well as the surrounding areas.

The major dangers of a balcony leak are:

  • Water seepage into other external walls
  • Risk of damage to electrical system leading to outages and shocks
  • Structural collapse

These dangers will lead to further challenges, including increased financial loss, loss of property value and various health and safety hazards. As soon as you detect a leak, it’s best to contact a professional such as Megasealed to begin repairs immediately.

Professional Repair of a Leaking Balcony

Professionals should undertake leaking balcony repairs as they are licensed and have experience with the best construction practices and Australian Building Codes.

Our technicians are trained to diagnose the source of the damage quickly and accurately with advanced water leak detection technology. This saves time, money and potential trouble in trying to guess where to start repairs.

Depending on the situation, balcony waterproofing repair is the most cost-effective solution. Additional regrouting using epoxy grout would also be a part of the process to provide further protection. Installing new tiles may become a necessity if the damage is more extensive, with priming & waterproofing placed beforehand.  Once again, epoxy grout would be used across the entire balcony perimeter to provide further sealing.

If you believe that there is a leak in your property, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Megasealed. We offer a free quote for our leaking balcony repair services and use award-winning products with the best customer service to ensure that you can get back to relaxing as soon as possible.

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