Leaking balcony repair in winter

4 Tips to Get Your Balcony Ready for Winter

Winter is a time of chilly nights, snowy days, and crisp winds, which calls for a change in lifestyle. When it comes to winterizing a home, many will clean out their gutters, rake leaves, and assess their heating system. One place that’s often ignored is the balcony. It’s understandable. The balcony is not somewhere you will be spending most of your time at, given the cold weather; hence it’s easy to forget about it. Still, it’s important to get it in top condition for winter. Here’s how.

Check for water damage

            The last thing you want during winter is a leaking balcony. Being outdoor areas, balconies are susceptible to snow and other liquids such as ice and rain. If your balcony hasn’t been waterproofed adequately, and is in a snowy environment, it can absorb the moisture over time, weakening the concrete structurally. This could leave you with a cracked, leaky balcony that’s structurally unsound and unsafe to use. So when winter draws in, start by checking whether your balcony has water damage.

Repair your leaking balcony

            If your balcony is showing signs of water damage from a leak, then it’s best to fix it asap. You don’t have to tear apart your balcony or remove any tiles to fix it. Simply installing a waterproof membrane can solve the problem.

Call in the professionals

When it comes to fixing a leaking balcony, the process can be tedious. That’s why we recommend consulting a leaking balcony repairs provider, like Megasealed, before taking any measures on your own.

Lush it up

            Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should leave your balcony messy. Some low-maintenance greens can do the trick or simply adding some cozy lighting fixtures, a heat source (or two), furniture, and cozy accessories.

            If you have a leaking tiled balcony, we’ve got the answers. As a team of qualified and experienced professionals in leaking balcony repairs, we know the ins and outs of how to help without damaging your property. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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