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3 Signs Marble Restoration Is In Your Near Future

There’s nothing quite like clean, pristine marble surfaces highlighting your kitchens and bathrooms. Every interior designer and wannabe decorator covets the beautiful lines and authoritative tones marble can bring to a room, mainly if its installation is part of a renovation facelift. Who doesn’t want a vanity that pops or benchtops that shine? But what happens when marble fades and begins to show signs of decline? Despite its reputation for strength, even the most resilient stones can suffer from the rigours and trials of age, constant use or life’s little accidents. Before you dedicate time and frustration to marble repair and polishing, anything marble is better left to the experts. Use your eyes and this tip sheet to diagnose what your marble needs before a trusted team like Megasealed come in to save the day or, in this case, repair marble tile.

Cracks, Holes and Scratches

Marble can be a magnet for chips, cracks and tiny scratches. Though robust, accidents can and do happen, as industry-grade marble (found in homes) doesn’t quite match the integrity of your local town hall and its marble staircase. When it comes to marble, sparing no expense will typically grab a better piece. While small holes are easily fixed, a DIY repair marble finish kit can only take you so far. If you’re facing more than a couple of cracks, scratches and sundry, it’s time to contact the professionals and get the latest epoxy treatments. Megasealed has a brilliant reputation for providing lasting solutions.

Wear and Tear of the Everyday Variety

High-traffic areas will attract issues. This is unavoidable in most bathrooms and kitchens; “repair marble benchtop” will appear in your search engine results at least once in your life, so be prepared to schedule a maintenance plan. It’s important to let a trained industry expert treat your marble surfaces to prevent further cracking; not only will it extend the overall life of your marble, but polishing and treatment also restore that essential barrier between you and the expensive stone top.

All Work and No Polish Makes Marble Dull

The mirror quality of marble is not impervious, no matter how much you’d like it to be. Some problems can’t be fixed by a reactive maintenance solution or a round of epoxy. Large projects that require intensive repair of marble floor sections or carved wall installations are just two examples of stone features that may benefit from diamond polishing. Diamond polishing creates a new stone surface using specialist pads and an experienced technique. A new polish can be applied, and suddenly, you have a new marble surface to smile over.

Marble is not an impervious surface. It’s an unfortunate fact of this desired stone, but its Hulk-like image is well earned – keeping it buff, and bright is up to you, as establishing a care plan now will reduce the likelihood of serious problems. Not everybody can afford to diamond polish their benchtops and once wondrous floors every time wear, tear and damage take hold.

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