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Rejuvenating and renovating showers

Posted on 2018-11-30

You might have heard the terms ‘rejuvenating’ and ‘renovating’ being bantered about, but what is the difference between these terms when it comes to your shower? Well, for one thing, cost, and the other, time. You might not need to fully renovate your shower to get it looking spectacular once more, and this is where rejuvenating comes in.

Renovating a shower unit usually includes a complete overhaul of everything: taps, tiles, shower head, glass doors or curtains, lighting, flooring…the list goes on, and so does the bill. This might all be necessary if you have an old shower unit, and especially if it has been leaking for some time, causing damage to surrounding walls, floors and framework.

In many cases, however, rejuvenation might be all that’s required, and this begins with looking at the tile work. If the tiles are still in a good condition, then it’s relatively simple to bring them back to life by replacing the grout and resealing the entire shower unit. Re-grouting can be a challenging DIY project, and requires a few specialist tools, such as a grout saw. If this is the kind of DIY challenge you’re after, then go for it. If not, there’s no harm in seeking some professional help!

The most important step in re-grouting is choosing the new grout. Many come in a good range of colours and some are flexible, so that they will move with your house as it expands and contracts during the heat and cold. Some grout such as Megasealed’s Megagrout MG11 has an absorbency rate of 0.0001%, making it more waterproof than tiles. This is important for ensuring you have protected your home against shower leaks.

No shower rejuvenation (or renovation, for that matter) would be complete without the application of a sealant, and not all sealants are created equal. Cheaper sealants, such as silicone, will peel over time, allowing water to seep behind the tiles. Look for silicone that is anti-fungal, grease and weather resistant.

For very little time and money, your shower can look like new. Before you jump into major renovations, perhaps think about rejuvenation instead.