Bathroom after a complete renewal tiles

Prevent Bathroom Mould – Remove Shower Mould – Tile Grout

Australia has a lot of humidity as well as high temperatures, and in all seasons mould easily grows on surfaces which are porous, damp and don’t get much sunlight.

Generally, mould can be easily removed at surface level with inexpensive easy-to-find supermarket products. The real issue normally resides behind the surface and if this isn’t addressed, it’s likely that the mould will return.

Here are some helpful tips from Megasealed to save you valuable time and energy keeping mould at bay in your bathroom areas and prevent leaking showers.

Tile Grout and High Grade Silicone Sealants

Mould in your shower could indicate that you have a leak where water is seeping through cracked tiles or porous grout. Porous grout is an easy incubator for mould growth, and can be a major contributor to a leaking shower.

Replace sand or cement grout with a two part epoxy grout system, which is not porous like other sealants. Megasealed specialises in re grouting using a two part epoxy grout with exclusively developed products Megagrout MG11, which has a low 0.0001% absorption rate, as well as Megasealed, which is anti-fungal, water and grease resistant.

On many occasions, the silicone and grout seems aesthetically intact but isn’t actually performing. Make sure the perimeter, wall and floor seals in your shower area are functional and prevent water from entering below the tiles surface, causing damage to sub floor.

Ensure you check the quality of the silicone and grouting in your shower and bath area annually. The key to preventing leaks is to use a high grade silicone sealant which is bathroom grade, and been tested and proven to work.


Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation in your bathroom. Use bathroom fans while you take your shower; then leave the fan on for a period of time after showering.

If you have windows that open, keep them open during and straight after your shower and whenever you can when the bathroom isn’t in use.

You may want to consider installing a sub floor ventilation system, if are able to do so.


Clean the shower area regularly, to stop mould getting away on you.

Mop up wet areas with a mop or squeegee, rather than just leaving the water lying around creating a damp environment that mould loves.

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